How a Singapore Eco Town Can Contribute to the Environment

Living in the era of technology and the internet, people who own phones have probably seen at least one animal video. Whether it is watching a Beagle in comic situations or a beaver munching on some iceberg cabbages, it is possible to assume that all people have at least spent minutes of their day watching joyful animals on the internet. However, most watchers forget the animals who are deeply affected by climate change. While they do not appear as cute as a dog, the polar bears, giant pandas, and green sea turtles are struggling to stay alive in the absence of nurturing habitat.

Environmentalists can pinpoint the problems that have affected the lives of the animals that you enjoy watching on the internet. Human activities, such as the increased use of fossil fuels, deforestation, and intensive agriculture are only a few of the contributing factors that are causing the alarming increase in temperature all over the globe. While the protest against these capitalists who would not stop their operations is still an ongoing battle, there are What is essential in knowing these, environmentalists subscribe to the concept of producing and advocating on eco residential homes to create a safer environment and contribute to the healing of the planet!

In this article, you will learn more about climate change and the future when it is not managed. Mostly, the future generations are the ones who will be greatly affected, and you will know why below. Following that, this article will emphasise how living and promoting eco-towns can help the environment. You might take interest in the benefits of living there as well. You will learn more about that as you keep reading the article. Lastly, you will find some tips that you can follow to contribute to the healing of the environment. Keep reading if you want to know all of these!


How Climate Change Affects the Future Generations

Climate is the general weather conditions of a place over several years. If you follow it with the word “change,” the meaning significantly reforms, and it is because a “change” in climate is not a good sign. Climate change destabilises the earth’s temperature and causes a remarkable effect on human beings and, of course, the environment.

There is a threat in these effects, and it may seem like it is not apparent today or where you are, but you might learn to give importance to it when you know how it could affect your child and their child in the future. Here are the effects of climate change that can endanger future generations:


Dangerous heat waves

Usually, people today can take the heat. The human body can still keep its temperature in the range where it can function best in a wide range of conditions. However, the worst is yet to come. As climate change progresses, people can expect high heat and high humidity. When people are in an overheated environment, they can suffer from painful involuntary muscle spasms and heat exhaustion.

While an eco-town in Singapore is in the process of developing further, the death rates of the elderly will increase. Additionally, the heat stress in livestock and agriculture will also suffer. Of course, the tourism destinations will lead to a decrease.

Unbreathable air

Air pollution and climate change are linked, and one can worsen the other. When the temperature of the earth rises, not only will your children and grandchildren be breathing dirtier air, they will also experience more allergic reactions due to the increased presence of allergens in the air. Exposure to circulating mould due to the damp conditions caused by the warming of the weather and increased floods will be the reason why there will be stronger pollen seasons.

Rising sea levels

One of the most serious impacts of climate change is the threatening rise of sea levels. The melting of the glaciers and ice sheets in the Arctic is one of the contributing factors causing the rise. One of the most affected by the rise of the sea levels is the Marshall Islands. It has been reported that it could be completely wiped out by climate change by the year 2035. Their population of 58,000 can lose their homes and, eventually, lose their lives due to the negative effects of climate change.

While it is alarming, there are ways you can help and ensure that your child and their grandchildren have a future to look forward to. If you must know, there is also a rise of eco-homes, such as the Tengah Singapore HDB homes! It is one of the innovative contributions of future-looking leaders in home construction. Thus, it would be a safe space for you and your family to live in, especially if you know how they can contribute to reducing the effects of the worsening impacts of climate change on the environment.


How Living in Eco Towns Help the Environment and the People

If you did not know yet, an eco-town is an environmentally sustainable community. One of the first-ever eco-towns was situated in Japan. The community of Kitakyushu started a recycling-oriented practice in 1997 to reduce their waste and improve their waste management. With this, it helped emerging more eco-town projects across the world that demonstrated real and measurable sustainable living.

With a focus on ecology, environment, and sustainability, eco-towns are becoming the future of living. Of course, there is a reason for their fame and promotion. These projects are impactful contributors to the betterment of the environment and the people. Here are their ways that make them deserving of these praises:


Efficient land use

An eco-town in Singapore is located where it is easy for residents to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. Hence, intricate urban planning is of the utmost importance when constructing a town like this. The use of land must explore the pattern and cost of urban growth over time. Thankfully, that is the first step of each town. They kept in mind the prevention of land use conflicts, especially when the risk involves stripping a land that is abundant in trees and healthy soil. Instead, it will revolve around it while maintaining access for the people who will live there!

Use of renewable energy

Singapore is one of the countries that had an alarming mass use of air-conditioning. It is the number one cause of 19% of the country’s carbon emissions. Also, it accounts for a quarter of an average citizens’ electricity consumption. If it continues, the country will experience a daily temperature of 35 Celsius to 37 celsius in the next decades. The solution of eco-towns to this problem is the use of energy-efficient technology.

A centralised air-conditioning system is the solution of the Tengah eco-town in Singapore. The residents enjoy the same look and feel of a traditional aircon but less in cost! It is all thanks to innovative technology because it will only consume 30% of energy. These are all possible for you to experience and, at the same time, help in reducing the world’s dependence on natural resources for electricity.

Less air pollution

Eco residential homes provide you with all you need, including transportation. With the emergence of electric-powered vehicles, you, who are passionate about reducing air pollution will be happy to know that these towns have electric vehicle charging stations. They will provide a neighbourly space where you can live up to your principles, and one of them is to lessen your carbon footprint!

Foster social sustainability

Some people find it hard to create meaningful interactions with their neighbours. Most of the time and in most neighbourhoods, houses are separated by a tall gate or fence. It makes it almost impossible to cultivate a sense of friendliness among a shared space.

Well, sustainable towns have been designed to foster social and economic sustainability. These walkable communities encourage social interaction. Since you would be living in a community that promotes environmental changes, it can be a subject of conversation!

These are only a few of the impactful contributions that an eco-town can give back to the environment. You may be one of the people who are dreaming of a better tomorrow for your children and grandchildren. Well, you can begin by getting involved in the promotion of eco-friendly homes. If you do not have the means to live up to it, there are plenty of ways that you can do to help!


What Can You Do to Contribute to the Healing of the Environment?

While plenty of people do not have the privilege to live up to their environmental principles, there is always a way, small or big, to become part of the healing of the environment. Here are some of them that you can do:


Do not buy single-use plastics

When you see or hear the word ‘plastic’, what comes to your mind might be a plastic bag at your local supermarket or bakery where they put your products in so you can take them home safely. While that may be true, you must also consider the plastic cup your bartender used for your iced coffee or the plastic straw you used to drink it. Well, these are all part of the single-use plastic that you must avoid. Stop being a contributor to landfills and ocean pollution!

Reuse and recycle

Has your teacher ever taught you how to segregate your trash? If not, you must learn how to separate recyclables from non-recyclables. For instance, your outdated newspaper should not belong to the same trashcan where you throw your kitchen trash, such as peeled oranges and spoiled leftovers. Remember that they are biodegradable materials that you can use to create compost for your plants.

With your newspapers, you can reuse them as packing materials or paper-mâché projects. Ensure that you have separate containers in your homes so you can save the need for many companies to produce more paper products by cutting down trees.

Invest in an eco-friendly home

When you have earned enough money to invest in a Tengah HBD home in Singapore, you should not let that chance pass by. In this neighbourhood, you will not only live comfortably, but you will also be contributing to the reduction of environmentally-affecting lifestyle. These towns tackle infrastructure and provide services for a daily lifestyle that minimally affects nature. Thanks to its sustainable solutions, which will significantly and positively impact the future of your children and grandchildren!

Volunteer for wildlife or environmental organisation

Several environment organisations rely on the support of thousands of volunteers. Whether it is Greenpeace or the World Wide Fund for Nature, your help and sacrifice of time will leave a mark on the world. Working together with people who have similar interests and beliefs in nature will not only expand your network, it will also help you get access to more volunteer work that adheres to your principles.

Inspire others

Out of the billions of people who are on the internet right now, you are likely not the first person who knows about the slow destruction of the planet. However, there are still several people around the world who are clueless about it. What can you do to reach out to them? A simple tweet or a simple click of the share button will bring them into the light. Use your voice to help these people be aware of what is happening on the planet. You may never know you might be the source of inspiration for the next person who volunteers in an environment project!


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All over the world, millions of people are working together to lessen the effects of climate change and other negative impacts of human activities on the environment. Some would implement house rules on recycling, dedicate a day to use a bike to go to work or invest in the eco residential homes available in the city. Among all these, you must know that it will significantly help the environment!

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