Helping The Environment: 5 Steps To Properly Dispose Of A Mask

Sure, using the best face mask in Singapore can help you prevent the risks of COVID-19 and other diseases, such as colds, cases of flu, dengue, and the like. Most face masks are disposable and serve for one-time purposes only. Wearing masks has become a requirement in light of the global pandemic.

As a user of masks, be it a black disposable mask in Singapore, surgical, or fabric, do you know the proper disposal of these preventive covers? If not, here’s a step-by-step guide.


Whether wearing the best surgical mask in Singaporeor disposable, wash your hands before removing your face cover.


Remove the mask from your face as gently as possible. Start by removing the strings behind your ears, then the front cloth. Try to avoid touching your face, as the solid contaminants on the mask can still infect you.


Place your mask in a plastic bag and secure it tightly. If you’re using a black disposable mask in Singapore or a single-use mask, do not reuse them again.


Once removed, discard the mask immediately in a closed bin, such as a garbage can or waste disposal unit.


After disposing of your mask, immediately wash your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and replace the thrown-away cover with a new one or do your skincare after.

Different organisations and countries only had one motive throughout the past years, to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Most people had to wear various gear to help put a stop to COVID-19. Some invested in the best face mask in Singapore, while some stayed home. While face masks, especially N95 respirators or surgical masks, are the best and safest way to beat the transmission of viruses, it is also essential that you know the proper way to dispose of masks. Consider this five-step guide every time you wear one!

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