Follow These Home Safety Tips

It is easy to overlook the hazards which can arise in our homes, but fortunately these simple tips will help to improve the safety of your home.

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Be Fire Safe

Never leave cookers, candles or fires unattended. Put candles on a non-flammable surface away from any other flammable items. Be careful where you store flammable items such as hairspray or furniture polish. If you use hair straighteners, make sure these are turned off after use and placed on a heat-proof mat to cool. Check your smoke detectors regularly and keep spare batteries in the house to replace in detectors as needed.

Keep Your Home Tidy

Keeping your home tidy will have a big impact on safety. Ensure that the area in front of doors and windows is kept clear of clutter, and keep cupboard doors closed when not in use. Tidy away trailing leads and other trip hazards – cable ties can be useful to keep leads in check! Any dangerous cleaning chemicals should be kept in a suitable place.

Check Your Home’s Security

Check the door and window locks and consider whether you should upgrade. According to the police, good window and door locks can make all the difference in deterring crime. If you do not already have double glazing, installing it will improve security. Check your existing double glazing and replace any broken units. In Hereford double glazing is available from https://www.firmfix.co.uk/. A security alarm, cameras, motion sensor lighting and outdoor lighting can all make your home more secure.

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Be Prepared

Agree an emergency plan with others in your home to include an escape route, exit plan and emergency meeting place. If an emergency does occur, you will be thankful to have an emergency kit to hand. Keep the following in an easy to access place:

– Essential medicines such as inhalers
– First aid kit
– Emergency contact numbers

Have Safe Habits

Be careful who you share information with. Only give door keys and alarm codes to trusted people, and don’t advertise your absence on social media if you are away from home. Always remember that making your home safe is an ongoing process. Encourage all the members of your household to think about safety on a daily basis and make safety a habit.