The health benefits of ergonomic office chairs

If your job requires you to be sitting at your desk for long periods of time, making sure you have the correct chair is essential.

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Sitting in the same position day after day can put pressure on your spine and shoulders and cause health problems. If you feel uncomfortable at the end of the day, speak with your employer about getting a suitable office chair, such as an ergonomic or operator office chair, which is designed with comfort in mind.

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A quality office operator chair can be adjusted to suit your height and the level of your desk, making sure you are in the best position when working. The head and back rest will also ensure you are sitting correctly throughout the day. When sitting, workers should always check their feet are flat on the floor and their knees are parallel to their hips as this will help make sure they are sitting in the correct position.


Because an ergonomic office chair or operator chair can be adjusted to suit you, it will naturally be more comfortable. Employers looking for a quality operator chair range for their employees should spend time researching the many models and styles available.

The Office for National Statistics recently published a report that shows a record number of women are in full-time work, which has seen the employment rate reach a new high of 76.3%.

Prevention better than cure

A good quality office chair can prevent injury and offers features such as a head rest, which means office workers can keep their neck supported. If talking on the phone for long periods of time during the day is a requirement of your job, use this time to stretch out to help prevent any stiffness. You should always walk around during your breaks to stretch your legs.

Back pain

Ergonomic and operator chairs support the whole back and not just the lower part of it, like some other office chairs do. Some models come with a reclining option so workers can adjust their position during the day.


Ergonomic office chairs are also designed for convenience. The swivel mechanism means users don’t have to stretch or strain to reach, and the depth of the seat means the hips and buttocks are also well supported.`