Electric Car Charging 101 – 4 Ways To Maximise & Extend Your EV’s Battery Life

Your EV automobile’s battery is a crucial part. Over time, your EV battery will experience and undergo ageing, which means a reduction in its lifetime and degradation in the battery’s performance and mechanism. While there is a growing abundance of EV charging stations in Singapore, let’s not overlook the importance of preserving and maximising our EV batteries.

EV owners have the responsibility to prolong the lifespan of their batteries, and with a few precautions and maintenance, it will not be much of an arduous task. Without further ado, let’s look at what EV owners can do to help maximise and extend the lifetime of their EV batteries:

Refrain from using fast charging

It may come as a surprise for a few owners. Using a fast charging point is often a good choice if your vehicle is about to die of battery depletion. However, it can put so much strain on the EV battery due to excess electricity, which diminishes the battery’s condition over time. It can also fry the battery. It only further decreases the battery’s lifetime and accelerates degradation. Hence you’re better off using its original charger.

Refrain frequent charging

Another common charging mistake that can kill your electric vehicle’s battery is too frequent charging. It may be tempting to charge your EV battery constantly until it reaches full. However, it can cause more harm to your battery’s condition, pack and lifespan over time. Therefore avoid charging your EV battery frequently and leaving them overnight.

Avoid prolonged exposure to high temperatures

Prolonged exposure to heat or high temperature does also harm your EV battery. Even if your EV is on electric car charging or parked outside of the establishment, heat can cause batteries to decline faster. Otherwise, your EV will use its temperature control system, which uses your battery, thus draining it to maintain optimal temperature levels. Consider parking your car under a shade or leaving it with a plug-in—so that the temperature control system uses grid power.

Maintain charging at optimal levels

Draining or charging your battery up to 100% is a bad charging practice that can cut short your EV battery’s life. So what does one need to do? To avoid degrading your EV battery, you need to maintain an optimal charging level, similar to what one would do with their mobile phone. When going to EV charging stations, make sure you charge between 25/30% and leave it until it reaches 70 or 75%.

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