Divorce Procedure In Singapore: Dealing With Family, Friends, And Other People

Keeping relationship issues hidden is one way to worsen the entire situation. Most people are guilty of this, and some even resort to lying and manipulating the stories for their convenience. Others also choose to stay quiet because they think speaking up would hurt them. These are the things to avoid when undergoing the divorce procedure in Singapore.

In summary, resolve issues immediately for the betterment of both parties. If you are experiencing the same thing, read this article about how to deal with family, friends, and other people during this situation.



In Singapore, the divorce process is a legal activity that helps couples resolve the issue and protect them from any liability. It is also a form of making the separation official because the country does not allow them to do it without filing the proper cases. For instance, a spouse leaving the house should still undergo the necessary procedures to legalise the separation.

The divorce procedure also helps them state their respective cases and defences. A spouse files such cases when they have issues in their marriage, such as infidelity, impotence, and plain incompatibility. If the other one contests, they need to present a compelling narrative that proves otherwise. Overall, it is a battle whether the couple should legally separate or not.

Lastly, clients need the best divorce lawyer in Singapore that can help throughout the entire process. They come with you to the court, prepare the necessary paperwork, and help you create a compelling case.



Not getting a divorce in Singapore can cost your marriage a lot. The marital issues might worsen, or your relationship will go through more roadblocks, and you do not want that.

First, personality differences and incompatibility is one reason. The other spouse might be more upfront, while the other prefers to be given space instead of sorting things out. These things can be usual for a relationship, but going through the divorce procedure is an option when things are getting worse.

Another one is infidelity. Some married couples experience this issue because of personal reasons. The most pressing problem here is the spouse does not speak up, or they dismiss the situation to save the marriage.

Lastly, prior separation is another common reason behind this. In Singapore, a divorce process is necessary for these couples because they need to make things legal and official. One cannot leave the marital home and self-declare the divorce.



There are many people involved in the divorce procedure in Singapore. You have your family: The in-laws, children, and other relatives. Another would be your immediate social circle which can either support you or make gossip out of it. Lastly, the legal staff and other people in the court witness everything you say to them. Here are some tips on dealing with different people:


Naturally, you have a form of tension or misunderstanding with one another. In Singapore, the divorce process should be as calm and peaceful as possible. Another is to manage your emotions because you need to be logical during this stage. Everything you say in the court or do the next day matters. If you need to separate from each other, by all means, do it for the sake of your emotional well-being. You can also consider minimising your communication to make things more civil.

All in all, manage emotions when dealing with spouses. Never resort to violence or anything that further damages your relationship.


Young children have difficulties grasping the divorce procedure in Singapore. They are clueless and ignorant, so they have this thinking that both parents are happy and loving toward each other. Another would be their lack of understanding because marriage is an adult topic.

When dealing with children, do not lie or keep secrets from them. Sure, it is hard to break the news because of their immaturity, but you can always explain things to them in a simpler manner. For instance, tell them that both of you are living away from each other, and you still love them no matter what.

In other words, make them feel secure while explaining to them the entire situation. Keeping the divorce case in Singapore can cost your relationship with your children.


They are already independent social beings who are aware of things. However, they can still have trauma and be emotionally unstable. Again, do not lie to them or keep secrets, and remind them that they are not the reason behind the divorce procedure in Singapore.

If they have an inheritance, generational wealth, or properties, explain that the divorce will sort everything out, and they have nothing to worry about.


Your friends and immediate social circle can be a breeding ground for rumours and gossip. It is not to invoke paranoia that your best friend might be a traitor but keep things low because people might talk. In short, publicising divorce in Singapore can cost you many things. Do not be an open book and deal with your marital issues privately.

Friends and other people will ask, and you can always tell them something short or the details that would not hurt your situation.


You have the best divorce lawyer in Singapore and their legal counsel. The rule in dealing with them is to communicate everything and never lie. Tell them how you feel, share details that may help your case, and act accordingly during meetings and court hearings. Another would be to discuss the terms of their service because lawyer fees for divorce can skyrocket. Set a budget if you must or open up about your current financial state in case you have limited means.

Keep everything professional. Going through the divorce procedure is emotionally and mentally taxing, so always be wise in making decisions and trust your lawyer.

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