Conservatory Decorating Tips

Whether it’s time for a new conservatory or to update an existing one, consider using accessories, furniture and paint to bring this important room to life and make it inviting for not only the summer but all year round.


This is a space that provides the flow between the interior and exterior, offering views of the garden and as such cries out for comfortable, casual seating choices in a naturally-inspired theme complete with throws and cushions. As an alternative family living area away from the living room, choose furniture that’s ideal for reading or relaxing.

Style Statements

You can also use the furniture in this space to make bold style statements. Why not consider adding some vintage or retro style or go for an eclectic mix of modern and antique with pops of colour set against a fresh white background paint scheme?  A perfect choice is the Panton Chair from a site like https://www.pash-classics.com/dining/chairs/panton-chair

Cosy Touches

To make the conservatory an extension of the home, consider choosing similar fabrics and even wallpaper that will create a cohesion with the rest of the décor. Rattan is a popular material for conservatory furniture and with good reason, as it offers a warm, natural feel. Adding highly personal accessories will also give the space a cosier and more homely atmosphere, helping to make it more of an extension of the home rather than an add-on.


As the link between the inside and outside, creating a botanical feel is a great idea. Choose leafy green shades and fresh white for a light, natural ambience. Adding fresh foliage and flowers, as well as natural accessories that you love will create better cohesion between the interior and exterior, as well adding elements of fun to the décor.

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Don’t overlook the windows

Window coverings are important in conservatories for blocking out any excess of light. There are many designs to choose from, so consider brightly patterned designs with matching cushion covers for example. Alternatively, choose neutral blinds and add pops of colour with accessories or furniture instead.


While the weather might not always oblige, a great modern twist in conservatory décor is to add a touch of the tropical. Bold prints and hot pink orchid shades will create a hothouse feel. Combined with bright green foliage and comfortable, relaxed furniture and the space will always feel sunny and uplifting even on grey days!

French Country

A popular design theme for conservatories is the traditional French Country look which features white-painted brick, white-painted rustic furniture and hints of blue accents with floral patterns. This offers a clean, fresh brightness which reflects all the available light brilliantly, even on days when cloud cover is dulling the outside world!