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Digital technology has pervaded almost every facet of modern human life. Smartphones and other devices like laptops and desktop computers are people’s main tools for communication, their source of entertainment and information, and how they conduct other tasks. It’s no wonder that these devices are also used for a myriad of business and industrial purposes. But businesses utilising these technologies use them in more specialised ways than what people are normally accustomed to. The devices that they use have to withstand harsher and rougher conditions. They may not be suitable for commercially made devices. If you find yourself needing a digital device for your business, invest in rugged devices such as a tablet, smartphone, and even computer.

What is a rugged device?

Take a closer look at the phones or devices made for everyday use by the average individual. Chances are that you will find specifications indicating the optimal environment for your device’s use. Most devices are not built to withstand extreme heat or cold. They may break down when exposed to certain elements. Some devices can malfunction or work incorrectly when they are exposed to harsher conditions. Most ordinary devices cannot handle stress.

But many industrial and commercial sectors don’t operate under normal conditions. A lot of them require their devices to work in extreme environments. Their technology has to operate under factory conditions– for example, next to generators and other machinery generating intense heat. They may have to withstand the dangers of stray liquids and other chemicals drenching their surfaces. Other times, smart devices are not used for industrial settings, but for outdoor ones. Outdoor environments can be unpredictable, which makes rugged devices useful. Most smartphones and other tablets on the market are not even waterproof.

There are also other reasons why many businesses simply cannot use ordinary, commercially used digital technology. So they have to resort to a Zebra tablet and other similar devices. Oftentimes, these facilities need specialised functions so they can handle many complex tasks. They need to be high-performance while working under these conditions. Because the average consumer does not need these specifications, devices made for personal use do not have the same requirements. They will not be able to function well in extreme environments.

Manufacturing companies are trending towards digitalisation and automation. If you wish to integrate these systems into your processes, you should look for smart devices that can readily perform the functions your business needs. Only more rugged devices can do this.

How to purchase the right rugged devices


Ruggedness is defined as the ability of a device to tolerate the harshest of conditions. The more rugged a device is, the better it can withstand harsh working conditions. Here are just a few benefits of choosing a rugged device over a commercially produced one.

1) They are more durable, which means that they last much longer.

2) They are specially made for business users, which means more specialised functionality.

3) They come in many shapes, forms, and sizes, which means you can easily find one that most suits your working environment.

The market for rugged devices is growing as more people realise their benefits. If you are a first-time purchaser of a rugged device like the Atex tablet, several factors come into play when choosing a device. Here are a few factors to note.

1) Characteristics of your rugged device. If you want something more consumer or beginner-friendly, consumer electronic brands also make a line of rugged devices. If you know where to look, there are ranges of consumer devices built for ruggedness. These are perfect for adventurers or other individuals who desire to take usable devices in rugged outdoor conditions. On the other hand, you can get ultra-rugged devices for industrial use, which are built to withstand much harsher conditions and are more suitable for industrial use.

2) Type of rugged device. If you need a handheld device that you can take with you anywhere you need to go, then purchase a rugged tablet or phone. On the other hand, if you want a more powerful computer, you should consider buying a powerful rugged computer for your convenience. Check out the device specs and hardware to know which one fits your business’s specific purposes.

3) The level of the ruggedness of the device. The level of ruggedness can vary wildly among all the devices. Check out their features and specifications to know more about the conditions the device can withstand. There are semi-rugged tablets and phones for less intense needs, and ultra-rugged ones for those who require access to more durable devices.

4) The features they provide. A lot of rugged devices offer general protection. When you look a little closer, you should see other features that can help you decide which device you need. At a minimum, the device should be able to last more than 24 hours, be capable of surviving harsh weather conditions, be waterproof or water-resistant, and more.

Always take note of the environment in which you will use your device. If your rugged tablet or phone will stay indoors, then perhaps waterproofing or chemical resistance isn’t as important to you as features are. You might want to go for a more rugged device if you plan to use them for extended periods or in environments that exert stress upon your device.

Another thing to consider– do not just focus on the hardware and physical features of your device. What is arguably more important is its software. Check what systems, apps, and more it can provide for you.

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