6 Best Places To Go For Whale Watching Cruises

Nothing is much more entertaining and thrilling than being surrounded by several amazing, enormous humpback whales in the sea. And, one such way of experiencing it is through whale watching cruises, an incredible marine journey that will bring you up close to these wonderful sea creatures as they flip, blow water, and explore.

Furthermore, whales only appear in the summer. This is because throughout the winter, they migrate hundreds of miles to tropical waters to breed and raise their young. However, there are certain destinations in the world that offer whale watching cruises where you can frequently see whales and make contact with them.

Also, the majority of whale watching cruises range from three to five hours, including professional commentary, and take place on board sailing ships with both inside and outside seating.

Now, to help you find the perfect place to go for whale watching cruises, we have compiled a list of the best destinations here in this post.

6) Maui, Hawaii – Humpback Whales

Hawaii is well-known for its steep highlands, gushing waterfalls, and beautiful surroundings. However, there is a destination in Hawaii that is also perfect for whale watching cruises, Maui. With its vast and plentiful water, it is definitely an excellent site to observe massive humpback whales.

Moreover, the island of Hawaii has a national marine sanctuary for humpback whales that extends up to 1,410 square miles beginning at Maui. The sanctuary safeguards around 21,001 humpback whales. Still, they offer expeditions for whale watching cruises.

5) Victoria, British Columbia – Killer Whales

If you prefer to see extreme and dangerous whales, then the city of Victoria is for you. It is the main town of British Columbia that is surrounded by rich waters, popularized by enormous marine mammals, such as killer whales and humpbacks. These whales often appear in a year in which they hunt for their food—sea lions and dolphins.

Furthermore, the best season to spot killer whales and take whale watching cruises is in summer, for it is the season where whales feast on their meals. Meanwhile, humpbacks are in the months of May to October, where they travel from different places.

4) Azores, Portugal – Blue Whales

This place between North America and Europe is one of the best destinations for whale watching cruises. It is where you will see the famous big blue whales, which mass up to 200 tons and reach a diameter of 100 feet. The best time to see blue whales is in April and May.

Aside from enormous blue whales, you will also get to see their babies swimming around their fins, which is adorable to see.

3) Trondheim, Norway – Humpback Whales

To make your whale watching cruise much more fun, then visit Trondheim. Apart from seeing humpback whales, you will also get to experience and see the vibrant northern lights of Norway while watching whales. Humpbacks can often be seen in this place yearly, for this is where they pass when they travel back to warm regions of the seas.

Whale watching cruises in Trondheim also offer close contact with the whales along with amazing northern lights.

2) Dominica – Sperm Whales

Now, if you want to see something different, then Dominica is for you. You will be able to see hundreds of sperm whales in this destination. Also, this region of the Caribbean is protected from the natural elements by Dominica’s high mountain ranges, which provide abrupt underwater fall that is suitable for sperm whales to plunge, inhabit, and breed.

Moreover, certain whale watching cruises are available in Dominica that allows you to see the amazing appearance of sperm whales.

1) Broome – Whale Watching

Lastly, one of the best whale watching destinations to visit is the town of Broome, where you can see enormous numbers of amazing humpback whales. Whale watching Broome is another option in the town. Also, the town has whale watching cruises, which is Broome whale watching, a famous marine interaction developed in Northwest of Broome.

Furthermore, Broome whale watching provides whale watching cruises in July and September, when humpback whales may be spotted often.


When all your life, all you’ve to think of is that you could only see a whale in magazines, newspapers, and t.v.’s. That is incorrect because there are whale watching cruises; these are marine excursions that allow you to get up close and personal with the enormous sea creatures known as whales-not only just whales, but different kinds of whales.

Furthermore, many whale watching cruises are available in different parts of the world, such as in Broome where they have whale watching Broome cruises that they offer to their clients who want to see humpback whales up close.

Clare Louise