5 Ways to Instantly Increase Mobile App ROI and Important ROI Metrics

With modern analytics tool that we use control  about where and how we spend our dollars and to make sure that we only spend money when it’s going to grow our business.

This includes defining and measuring your cellular app ROI.

The quality app analytics equipment today are rapidly changing with users intent.

The best app analytics tools nowadays speedly rising.
Today, market facts are extremely competitive in app landscape.

Here are 5 steps to increasing mobile app ROI and which parameters you should consider carefully.

1. Calculate your user acquisiton cost.


This metric will show you exactly how much money you are spending to get one mobile customer.

Why It Matters: Compare this number withyour other marketing efforts to see how much you are spending to acquire customers.

For example:

total cost of your mobile app: 5000$
Number of App users: 1000
Calculation: 5000 / 1000 = 5$ per new mobile app customer.

You should test at least 14 days when you’re promoting your app and quantify how much you spent and will continue to spend to earn that revenue. What you count here is dependent on your individual business need.

To improve this metric you have be sure that make understand %100 your advertising platform needs and marked whole tasks in ASO plan.

  1. Being where people spending time with search ads. 

Data show us mobile apps account for nearly 86 percent of time spent using mobile devices, and consumers are now spending an almost of three hours a day in mobile apps.

And people not only turn to search to find new apps.

They actually download apps because of search ads.

If you’re looking to drive consistent ROI from mobile advertising, you should focus your app value and think that where consumers spend most of their time.

There are many free tools that yu can check your audience where and how spending their time to increasing your mobile app ROI.

  1. Define A Measurable KPI.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) can be change from one business to another. Some of organization want to see as KPI customer loyalty, customer retention rate. Some of are consider customer interaction, the average revenue per user.
So it depends your goals and team dedication.

If mobile user interaction is your aim then you must focus a lot of on effort new customers, keep them engaged in your app. Because of that, you compare development prices with efforts of getting mobile user acquisition.

  1. Don’t be download marketer, focus your retention rate.

You can use this number to see how many customers are coming back to yourapp after downloading it.

It is unique important metrics for your app stats to improving your marketing strategy.
If customers only use your mobile app once, you need to know that so you canfigure out why then fix the problem.

And user retention rate is calculating basicly;

Number Of App Requests: 20,000
Number Of App Users: 1,000
20,000 Requests / 1,000

User Retention Rate Average 20 Requests per user.

So here is the question.

How can I improve this metric?

First, you need to make sure your app has great content to begin with, but also refreshing the content and giving users a reason to come back is very important in building mobile loyalty.

People want to see make them connect in emotional way. And they are expecting more understandable by you. Cause market changing rapidly in every moment and they expectations also changing. So make sure that your business adapt these facts in today.

  1. Don’t disregard social media.

Generally, mobile app developers often think that just getting the app accepted in stores end of the work.

However if we look the reality, the real work of attracting initial downloads starts after store acception.

Social media is the key strategy for almost all types of apps. So if we know about yor side as app owner, marketer you need to reaching more people. According this task, you have to encourage people to share your value by implementing social sharing features first.

At the same time be %100 active on whole your social networks for connecting with potential users who will become loyal customers.

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