5 Useful tips on How to Become a Comic Book Artist

Comics are fun to read and one can simply go on reading issues after issues of a comic following the story. But only comic creators know how much time and work they have to put in so that people can read them, like them, and stay glued to them.

or those of you think that you have a long term comic story in mind and think that you are ready to start, well you have just stepped into the comic world. There are some really important and vital things you need to know and do before you even start writing a comic. So here are five useful tips on how to become a comic book artist.

Read About Comics as Much as You Can:

The habit of reading as much as you can always benefit you irrespective of what industry you belong to. The world of comics has so much to it that every book you read will only enlighten you and increase your knowledge on the topic. Cameron Stewart Comics are examples of comics that serve as a result of the work of informed and learned comic creators. Cameron Stewart Batgirl comic writer, artist, and illustrator best known for his New York Times best-seller ‘BatGirl’. Some books to start with are ‘Making Comics’ and ‘Understanding Comics’. Given the fact that everything is turning towards the digital world reading books on making web Comics can also help greatly.

Characters are the Heart of a Comic:

Characters are what make a comic engaging and the reader persuasive. Before you start scripting a comic, make a character sheet or a 3d miniature model of your character. The reason behind it is that nobody would want to redraw characters while they are nearly down to completing their comic.

Start with What You Believe:

If you want to start with a comic, the best you can do as a comic creator is, to begin with an idea that you believe in. If you believe in your idea only then you should share it with others. This is very important as great comics take a lot of dedication and work. Once you believe in your work, your ideas, and love what you wish to do, you will see your ideas turn into a piece of art. Not only does this benefit the writer but also the illustrator and artist who will be drawing the comic. Bruce Lee, a Hong Kong American actor, director, martial artist, martial arts instructor, and philosopher rightly said, “Always be yourself and have faith in yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and try to duplicate it.”

The Story Comes First:

Never rush into drawing your story first or even while writing the story side-by-side. Start writing your story and complete it first. Many might think that obviously anyone is going to write a story first but many comic creators have a habit of drawing it before writing it. One thing for sure is that this never ends well. IF you do not have your story first, you might end up spending a lot of time on a thing that is not going to come to an end.

A Doable Style Can Do Wonders:

A doable style means keeping it simple wherever possible and by doing this you won’t be spending forever to complete it. Minimize inking and coloring efforts wherever you can, using simple tips and tricks like these can save you hours of work on every page.