5 Great Lessons You Can Learn from Rummy!

Rummy is a popular card game, which has been witnessing quite some growth in its fame, in both the offline and online world. As Rummy is gaining more and more recognition with each passing day, there has to be some reason behind this growing acceptance and acclaim amongst the people. The reason being, it is a skill-based game that requires your cognitive abilities and other soft- skills to play well& eventually win the game.

It is a traditional game, played since ages, especially in India. However, Indian Rummy does have some other essential facts apart from its known aspects. While playing Rummy, you can learn quite some life lessons.We do suspect that other than entertainment, this might have beenone of the reasons for the popularity of the game in various households throughout the country.

  • Your Skill/Talent Matters More Than Luck: The most important thing to know about Rummy is that it is basedentirely on the player’s skill. It goes to show that life is not only about destiny or luck but about your talent, strength, hard work, focus and consistency.
  • Practice/ Hard work Has No Substitute: Consistent practice or hard work is essential for improving your game in Rummy. Your skills need to be sharpened with regular practice to perform your A-game consistently. Our lives work similarly. You need to work hard, and tirelessly to hone your skills and develop hidden talents. This is essential for your success in every sphere of life.
  • Your Attitude Towards Work Matters Most: Rummy is so much about your attitudetowards the game. If you have a confident attitude, you can make quick and firm decisions – like choosing which card to discard and which not to.

This fundamental principle can be implemented in your life too. In our life, our optimistic attitude, the vision of life, understanding of the circumstances, gut- feelings or intuitions are the factors that mostly affect the kind of life we lead.

  • You Can Always Change the Game: Rummy proves that you can always change the game, with your persistence and brain. The game is all about twist and turns, ups and downs that you can direct away. Life, too, is full of ups and downs, and you can undoubtedly flip the coin with your mind and determination, put to work together.
  • A Right Drop Is Better Than A Wrong Play: In Rummy it is always advised to drop outof the game at the right instant, instead of losing everything at one go. Similarly, in life, you have to accept your failures and move on, ensuring that you do not make the same mistakes again. The important thing is to make this decision at the right time.


With the understanding of these basics or life lessons that Rummy teaches us, we can learn from the game and enjoy it more. Playing Rummy is not always just for entertainment purposes. It teaches you some of the best things that you can learn for life. These include – your faith in your strength, hard work, optimistic attitude, motivation to keep struggling and moving on from your losses.

Thus, you can play Rummy with a positive mindset, to learn few essential and fundamental lessons for your life.