5 Cardio Machine Selections to Help You Lose Weight

The amount of calories you expend determines your ability to lose weight. It relates to the number of calories you consume vs the number of calories you burn. It means you must burn more calories than you consume. Here are five cardio machine selections that can help you burn more calories than others.

#1 Assault Bike

The assault bike elevates the traditional stationary exercise bike in Singapore gyms to new heights. A fan generates resistance when you pedal. The more resistance you generate makes pedalling the machine more challenging. It is an ideal fitness equipment for those who want to be gentle on their joints while still getting a good workout.

#2 Treadmill

The treadmill is the all-time classic cardio machine. Most treadmills also come with various workouts, such as hills and intervals. It lets the users select the setting that best suits their fitness levels. Most people use the treadmill for forward motion walking, jogging, or running, especially when going out for a run is not an option. However, you can spice things up and also do side steps.

#3 Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is also an effective cardio machine for weight loss. It exercises the entire body and allows for a broad range of motion. While your legs provide 60% of the force every stroke, numerous other muscles are used, ensuring a full-body, all-around exercise.

#4 Elliptical Machine

The elliptical machine is a piece of terrific cardio equipment for weight loss that is also low-impact and puts less strain on your joints. Elliptical machines come with two distinct foot pedals, lengthy grips, a flywheel, and a console. It does not work your upper body as hard as other cardio machines. However, it provides a good workout for cardiovascular endurance and the lower body.

#5 Stair Climber

The stair climber is another excellent cardio machine that simulates stair climbing. It also has a monitor that displays how many flights of stairs or levels you have climbed. Most stair climbers let users change the levels to suit their fitness level.

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