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4 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Rural Property

There are many reasons why living out in the country is appealing. Having the luxury of your own private wilderness means you have plenty of space for your kids and pets to roam. Finding a good deal on a house far from the city may be much easier as well. However, if you are lucky enough to land such a haven, here are a few questions you need to find the answer to.

  1. Is the Water Safe to Drink?

Private wells are often the water source for properties located in rural areas. These wells may be tainted with various minerals, and even dangerous chemicals, or the well pumps may be inoperable. If any of these is the case, you will need to factor into your cost a water treatment plan or well pump repair Tampa.

  1. Is the Home’s Septic System Enough?

When a home is built in the country, a leach field is constructed to collect sewage and water waste. Its size is dependent on how large the house is, and how many people are occupying the house. So, if you are looking at a house that has had an addition built on, make sure that the leach field was extended as well, to avoid having to take care of adding onto it down the road.

  1. Does the Home Sit on a Private Road?

If it does, you could be forced to spend thousands of extra dollars each year in order to make sure your road stays plowed, paved and maintained.

  1. How Accessible Is the Home During the Wintertime?

If the climate in the area you have chosen experiences heavy snowfall, be certain that the road the property sits on is going to be plowed regularly. If not, be prepared to withstand perilous driving conditions by getting snow tires for your vehicle or getting a truck or SUV to navigate through snowdrifts.

Living in the country can be a beautiful adventure, as long as you ask the right questions beforehand.