4 Tips for People New to Septic Systems

If you’ve just moved to the country, you may be using a septic tank. People that are used to city water are sometimes unfamiliar with how septic systems work and are embarrassed to ask. It’s important to understand how differently a septic tank functions, so here are four tips new users should know.

Septic Tanks Need Regular Maintenance

Septic tanks are very efficient, but depending on your household size, it will need to be pumped every 3-5 years. This is an easy and normal procedure. Be sure to have a company ready for routine maintenance and septic tank excavation Cortlandt Manor NY if a problem ever crops up.

Go Light on Water Usage

Having a septic tank isn’t like using city water where long showers are the norm. Septic tanks can’t be overwhelmed by significant water usage. That means you’ll have to go easy on showers and do smaller loads of laundry spaced out over the week.

Be Vigilant of Problems

Your septic system is made up of two parts, the actual tank and a drain field. If you notice a soggy area on your lawn where the drain field is, or notice smells coming from inside or out, call for assistance. Gurgling drains or water back-up also indicate a problem.

Watch What Goes Down the Drain

Never put anything down the drain or toilet that doesn’t belong there. This includes food, baby wipes, paper towels and diapers. Septic pipes can easily clog and need to be snaked, as drain liquid should never be used.

Septic Tanks Are Usually Problem-Free

Under normal circumstances, septic systems are virtually problem-free. If you’re new to using a septic tank, remember to go easy on water, never put anything down the drain and be vigilant for problems. If you follow these rules, you should need nothing more than normal maintenance.