Winter Home Maintenance Tips

If you live in a snowy climate, you know that snow can bring joy and can also cause many problems. Driving in snow can be treacherous, and snow can damage trees and other property. Heavy snow can result in widespread power outages. If you properly prepare your home for winter, you can leave yourself more time to enjoy the pleasures that snow allows. Here are several actions to take to prepare for winter.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

If you have outdoor spigots, remove any hoses that are connected to them before freezing weather comes. If possible, turn off the water to those spigots from inside your house, then open the outdoor faucets slightly to minimize the risk of freezing. For indoor pipes that are near exterior walls, insulate them if they’re not in heated areas of your home. Keep your heat running throughout winter, even if you lower the temperature when you aren’t at home. Indoor temperatures can quickly approach freezing if the heat is turned off.

Protect Your Roof

Wet snow can be quite heavy. You need your roof to be able to support the snow that builds up on it. If it was built to modern standards using a roof load calculator then it can probably withstand any snowstorm that comes its way. If you’d like to remove snow from your roof, however, a snow rake is a handy tool, particularly if you live in a one-story house.

Insulate Properly

A poorly insulated and vented attic in a home can lead to ice dams along the edge of the roof. Before winter comes, have your current insulation and venting evaluated to determine if you need some changes now to prevent problems during heavy snowfalls.

Humidify Your Air

A whole-home humidifier attached to your furnace can make the air in your home more comfortable. Forced air heating causes air to dry out significantly. Make sure your humidifier is fully prepped before the heating season begins.

Trim Your Trees

Heavy snow buildup on tree branches can cause them to break off. If you have large trees near your home, be sure to trim any branches that might cause damage to your home, cars, or other property during a snow storm.

With the proper maintenance and winter preparation, you can have your home ready to make it through the winter with minimal problems. This will leave you plenty of time to enjoy the pleasures that winter brings.