What To Look For in a Business Entry Door

When you are looking for an upgrade to your storefront’s entryway, the best place to start is with the door. This is the portal for you customers and needs to meet specifications required by the architect, building codes and accessibility guidelines as well as offer your company protection from the elements and fit the aesthetics of your exterior design.

Required Specifications

The specifications required for your doors by the government and blueprints will usually be similar because architects follow accessibility guidelines and building codes when designing structures; however, it is a good idea to check current mandates. By making sure your specifications meet current guidelines, you are saving yourself the cost of another replacement and of any legal ramifications for being non-compliant. Most manufacturers and vendors of automatic doors New York systems can help you determine what is needed.


The design and materials of the door you choose should match those of the surrounding storefront to help create visual flow to your products and services instead of distracting foot traffic away from them. You can find custom door designs featuring a variety of metals, woods and glass. You can even get balanced or sliding doors with minimal trim on the top and bottom to give an all-glass look and extend your windows along the entire building face.


Not only do your entry doors help direct traffic into the store, they also protect your assets against the elements and potential theft. Checking the door system’s ratings on things like thermal performance and moisture protection can help lower energy and maintenance costs. It is also a good idea to see how each type and brand is securely closed after business hours and what security devices are available for those design options.

Finding the right door for your company means looking at the things you need in terms of required specifications, aesthetics and protection, and comparing that list to the options available to you. Many of the most accessible and beautiful door options can also help you retain a desired interior temperature and be incorporated into your security systems.