What Food Goes Well with Pomerol?

Today, we are going to talk about food pairing with red Pomerol. Above all, this prestigious wine can go very well with aperitif snacks, starters, main courses or cheese. So, it can be easy to find food to eat with this luxury beverage. Here are some good ideas!

Pomerol and Starters

At the time of the starter, with a dish containing charcuterie, a bottle of pomerol brings a perfect alliance between the two elements. It allows you to start the meal with a good quality drink. This more tannic French red wine can be served with a mixed salad with vinegar. You can create a harmonious pairing of Pomerol and fish such as tuna or red mullet. Moreover, it can be perfectly served with fairly substantial soups. It also can go well with eggs and meat.

Pomerol and Main Courses

You should know that Pomerol wine goes perfectly with red meats, stews, meat gratins, poultry, tomatoes, pizza, and as we said above with fish and many other foods. But meat is an ideal dish to bring out your bottle of fine Pomerol during a meal. Meat such as duck, lamb or beef can be served with this Bordeaux wine to bring out the flavors of the meat.

On the other hand, cooked tomato is a food that goes perfectly with Pomerol prestigious red wine. You can find cooked tomatoes in a dish of simmered meats. This food provides such acidity that it is essential to serve them with a wine which has volume and roundness but with very little acidity. And that is exactly what Pomerol is.

As far as fish is concerned, grilled tuna is best paired with red wine. Serving a bottle of Pomerol with grilled tuna brings more flavor to both the dish and the drink.

Pomerol and Dessert

When preparing your dessert, remember that it is always important to harmonize your dish with a good wine. Pairing Pomerol with cheese is risky but delicious for the taste buds. It is advisable to select a cheese from the same region as the red wine. And above all, do not forget to aerate your wine before serving it.

Regarding other desserts such as chocolate cakes, you can serve your guests a bottle of Pomerol that will enhance the magic of the gourmand dessert. Pairing a dessert with a red wine is delicate, but can succeed it perfectly. For this purpose, you can pair the fine wine with a red fruit pie for example.