What Does it Take to Be a Singaporean Citizen if You’re an Immigrant

Starting a life together is a big step as well as there are lots to take into consideration, from finances, acquiring a house and planning to have children. Here are some points to keep in mind when Singaporeans marry an international partner with the help of a PR application agency in Singapore.

Marriage-between-a-Singaporean-citizen-and-a-foreignerMarriage between a Singaporean citizen and a foreigner

It is essential to recognize that wedding a Singaporean does not automatically qualify an immigrant partner for a lasting go-to pass (LTVP), permanent home or Singapore citizenship.

To have a far better suggestion if your spouse-to-be will remain in Singapore, you can use the Immigration as well as Checkpoint Authority’s Pre-Marriage Long Term Visit Pass Assessment System. This is optional, however, urged, step introduced as a device to help couples have greater clearness in planning their future with each other.

If your spouse is analyzed by ICA to be qualified for Long Term Visit Pass, she or he will obtain a Letter of LTVP Eligibility (LLE) before marriage. The letter is valid for one year as well as can be utilized to support their application for an LTVP after getting legitimately wed.

Pairs who did not obtain an LLE can still request an LTVP after they obtain married, however might encounter a longer handling time of approximately 6 months or more. You can seek the help of a PR application agency in Singapore for faster transactions.

Marital Relationship Preparation Programmes

The Ministry of Social, as well as Family Development (MSF), have pre as well as post-marital relationship programmes to sustain cross-cultural marriages and also the foreign partners to get used to Singapore. Some pairs are required to attend these programmes as part of the foreign spouse’s LTVP application authorization conditions.

The Marriage Preparation Programme (MPP) is participated in before marital relationship and also covers duties and expectations of the couple, interaction, managing conflicts as well as in-law partnerships within a cross-cultural context.

Before getting married, or obtaining an LTVP, your foreigner partner will not have the ability to work in Singapore without a valid work visa. There are several passes they can make an application for if you are not wed yet.

The easiest method for an immigrant spouse to begin working in Singapore is to secure an LTVP first. At the point of application in the Singapore immigration agency, immigrants can also apply for a Pre-approved Letter of Authorization (PLOC) from the Ministry of Workforce (MOMMY). This means your immigrant partner, who has an LTVP, can go on to obtain a job in Singapore.

If your foreigner partner has acquired an LTVP, but not the PLOC, she or she needs to secure work and then get their employers to apply for a Letter of Consent (LOC) from the Ministry of Manpower.

In both situations, when they have gotten their LTVP, they will certainly not be counted against the international worker allocation and their companies will certainly not require to pay the foreign workers’ levy to hire them.

The first thing your immigrant partner would need is to make money is a neighbourhood checking account. This will enable him or her to attribute their salary, along with appreciating the convenience of taking out money from ATMs, transfer their foreign currencies locally, spend and also pay for their living costs in Singapore.

Immigrants also do not have CPF accounts. This means that their companies do not need to contribute 17% of their income to the CPF system, and neither do they need to add 20% of their wage to it. You and your immigrant partner have to establish concrete plans for your savings demands.

Certainly, when your immigrant partner comes to be a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR), their CPF accounts will be opened for them, and also they as well as their company will have to begin making CPF payments each month.

When this happens, you require to note that 1st and also 2nd-year PRs have a lower payment rate than common. After the 3rd year as a PR, your immigrant spouse will start obtaining the very same contribution prices as Singapore citizens.

Insurance coverage is one more important aspect you cannot afford to forget before you go to a Singapore immigration agency. Not only is the price of medical care high in Singapore, but your foreign spouse’s existing health care coverage in his or her residence nation also would likely not offer any kind of wellness coverage for him or her in Singapore.

When your foreign spouse obtains a task here, he or she might additionally obtain specific company medical care benefits. You should examine just how substantial this is and also whether it covers any type of relative, to seriously take into consideration getting added healthcare insurance coverage if you deem that it is insufficient.

When your partner gets Public Relations standing, she or he will instantly be covered under Singapore’s mandatory national health insurance– MediShield Life. As his/her CPF accounts will likewise be just opened up now, there will not be any kind of CPF equilibriums in his or her MediSave Account to spend for MediShield Life premiums, optional national insurance policy coverage such as the Dependant’s Protection Scheme and Home Protection Scheme premiums. This means you will certainly need to either top-up their CPF accounts, spend for their premiums out of your MediSave Account equilibriums or get them to pay in cash.

Singapore is known for lots of great things, top-in-the-world education and learning, clean roads, fantastic infrastructure/city planning, wonderful food amongst plenty of others. These points are what attract numerous immigrants to its shores where many ultimately fall in love with the nation and wish to become a citizen.

Nonetheless, exactly how does one Singaporean citizenship?


Before you use it, ensure you have all the correct pertinent paperwork required. These are just some of the papers you need to present to a PR application agency in Singapore:

  • Application Cover Letter
  • Current passport.
  • Birth Certification.
  • Marriage Certification; Divorce Certification; Separation Deed.
  • PR card (blue identity card) as well as PR certificate.
  • Educational certificates (high school and also over).
  • Foreign citizenship certification.
  • A letter of employment from the present employer.
  • Revenue tax notice of evaluation for the last 3 years.
  • Payslips for the last 6 months and CPF payments background for the last one year, if used.

There are several files needed as well as it is very recommended that you have an experienced immigration attorney assistance you prepare them, as each application case documentation needs differ from situation to instance, as well as not only can they make certain that all the documentation remains incorrect order particular to your needs however they can additionally increase the opportunities of your application succeeding. The aid of a skilled migration attorney can not be overstated, as expert preparation and assistance will separate you from the many other candidates available, guaranteeing that your opportunities for success are higher.

A PR application agency in Singapore can also help by working together with you on an Application Cover Letter. It’s a terrific suggestion to consist of a cover letter together with the application that summarizes convincing bottom lines of your application, such as:

  • What are the reasons that you have determined to look for Singapore citizenship?
  • What is the positive foundation you have developed in Singapore?
  • What have you done that demonstrates your good character and obedient nature, payments to culture, and so on?
  • What is your ability to be a possession to Singapore and also not a responsibility, this can be your capability to generate revenue on your own and your family members (either as an employee or a business owner)?
  • A migration attorney can ensure that your application will certainly do its primary task of encouraging the authorities in charge that Singapore will profit in the long term from approving you the citizenship. It is important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all design template when it concerns an Application Cover Letter, as well as a migration legal representative, will understand how best to draft this essential Application Cover Letter based upon your circumstances/background (e.g. the method varies depending on whether a candidate is applying alone or for the entire family).

Just-how-do-you-applyJust how do you apply?

Last but not least, is the application, with all records ready as well as available, you will certainly likewise call for a SingPass account whether your own or your spouses to send an application. A Singapore PR application online needs an appointment booking sent online utilizing the e-Service provided and also an application charge. An immigration legal representative will certainly additionally be able to help you with setting up a SingPass account (if called for) and the subsequent application submission.

Application costs are S$ 100 for each application, with an additional S$ 70 for your Singapore Citizenship Certificate and S$ 10 for a Singapore Identity Card (appropriate only to new citizens aged 15 and over) ought your application be successful.

At the visit, an interview police officer will verify your submitted files versus your application and also make sure all info is right. If you are using the spouse of a Singapore citizen, your partner needs to exist during this interview. If it’s a kid making a citizenship application, they need to exist a minimum of once during this interview stage or the collection of citizenship certificate at the ICA or Embassy/ High Commission of Singapore.

It will take in between 6-12 months to get the result of your Singapore citizenship. You will get a letter through postal mail to your residential address notifying you of the application’s result.

If your Singapore PR application online is successful, you will certainly have to renounce your foreign citizenship, this is attained by going to the relevant foreign consular office or pertinent international High Commission in Singapore with your key. You will be issued with letters stating the renunciation of your citizenship, as well as the surrender of your ticket also.

If your application is not successful take into consideration seeking advice from a migration attorney to help identify any mistakes/reasons that your application is not successful. They have the skillset to be able to see what your application needs/misses.

Do see to it that you additionally make note of the National Service Obligations of Singapore 

Under the Enlistment Act, all male Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, unless excused are needed to offer National Service (NS). Complying with the completion of permanent NS, they will certainly be called for to serve up to 40 days of Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) annually throughout their ORNS training cycle till the age of 50 years (for police officers) or 40 years (for other ranks).

NS-liable individuals are needed to sign up for NS upon getting to 16 1/2 years old and will certainly be set up for enlistment at the earliest possibility upon getting to 18 years of ages. Deferment from NS for university research, despite whether such studies have started, will certainly not be given.

Those who are seeking full-time GCE A-Level or Polytechnic Diploma research studies (or comparable) may be approved deferment if they fulfil the deferment conditions specified by the Ministry of Defence.

All male candidates are required to access the Central Manpower Base website for info on NS deferment, pre-enlistment process and Exit Permit needs, before proceeding with the application.”

If you want to postpone NS obligations for you or your kid, and/or are unsure of your qualification for NS take into consideration speaking with an attorney that will certainly recognize the Enlistment Act and able to establish whether you are eligible for NS, wellness factors, etc. or whether you are qualified to postpone your NS.

In summary, NS obligations are not to be taken lightly as they may offer lasting effects (including legitimately) otherwise recommended accordingly. It is extremely a good idea that you see an attorney with a view to long-lasting preparation.



Upon getting your citizenship card. You are currently a full-fledged Singaporean citizen with all the resident advantages that include it. Make sure that you depend on the date with the existing laws, policies and policies of Singapore, they can be very different from other countries. If you are not sure regarding the lawful process here in Singapore in regards to legislation as well as guidelines, do get in touch with a PR application agency in Singaporetoday.

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