The IB Education and How it is Changing with Technology and Pandemic

Thanks to its international visibility, rigour, and breadth of research study, International Baccalaureate in Singapore has become a popular selection for families looking for a globally-acknowledged educational program for their kids.

Education and learning are among one the most important areas that need to take advantage of modern-day innovation. The smooth marriage of these two just ever before indicates better comfort for educators and also students. In this article, we would delve into how technology and the current pandemic has affected IB education in the country.


How technology is changing the IB education experience

In the International Baccalaureate in Singapore, technological developments are arguably needed simply as a result of the nature of the stated education and learning program. Globalization goes to its facility, and if there is one element these days’ technology that enhances this, it is the way it encourages interconnectivity.

However, that is simply the tip of the iceberg, to say the least. With the chances opened in the classroom by Augmented Truth, Expert system, cloud computing, Machine Learning, as well as visualization tools, one can just think of the unlimited capacity for boosting education and learning that these modern technologies bring. Their effects are arguably currently being felt because the effect of innovation is profound and comprehensive. And we seek to illustrate this by detailing just exactly how it is transforming IB education and learning.

1. It Is Urging More International Baccalaureate Schools Worldwide To Enhance Creativity Amongst Their Students

What better means to submerge pupils in the advantages of technology than by promoting cutting-edge thinking?

Nowadays, a lot of international institutions that offer their corresponding IBDP in Singapore are embracing these stances. As well as, why not? In a world poised to enjoy the fruits of the technologies discussed above, there will never be a lack of luminescent minds with concepts that will certainly open the true capabilities of those innovations.

The deepness, as well as customization that identifies International Bachelor’s degree education and learning just, makes it a fitting subfield of education and learning in which these seeds need to be planted. IB education has the inherent intent of forming the private as a whole, and many can vouch for its inimitable advantages. The level of education and learning the trainee receives is unmatched, although the challenges are just as soaring. But, in the long run, as numerous can attest, they are all worth it.

In Singapore, plenty of global colleges that are unquestionably innovation-oriented are Nexus International College and GEMS World Academy. Both are identified as truly first-rate worldwide schools that exhibit what IB education is all about. This can not be much more evident in the distinct ways that these schools are educating their students.

What’s particular is that innovation is often at the centre of their learning procedure, which likewise tends to be holistic; holistic as though the education and learning of the student continue well past the class with myriad co-curricular activities that not just involve yet foster creative thinking as well.

2. IB Schools Are Currently Utilizing Management Tools To Help And Enhance Their Learning

These tools, besides, have been confirmed to assist ensure the pupil’s academic development. In IBDP in Singapore, students normally have what is called an IB learner account, which functions as a looking glass whereby they as well as their instructors can quickly see their development not just in academics but in various other “human capabilities and duties” too.

These, besides multilingualism, work as the core tenets of International Baccalaureate in Singapore. In other words, these administration devices benefit IB education and learning to an essential degree, which is essentially what every instructional development needs to aim for. Not just do they save the instructor a lot of time yet they likewise actively improve both teachings as well as knowledge in any type of IB school.

Exactly how do they handle this? Well, a lot of them are designed with modern-day pedagogy in mind. They deal with the problems that restrict and make IB education harder for all entailed (specifically the administrators, educators, students, as well as parents). This might not be extra apparent in the standard features of LMS designed for IB education specifically:

Most can act as systems through which smooth as well as prepared communication can be attained in between everybody. This is unsurprising as a lot of IB-based Understanding Administration Systems are focused on boosting interaction and partnership. Performing student evaluations, tracking presence, as well as any other college activity, co-curricular or otherwise, are made possible as well as easy. Any kind of sort of IB report needed to be made can be generated based on the data readily available in the LMS.

Curriculums, helping with papers, as well as even lessons can be kept in the LMS as well as cooperating with the classroom or the entire school neighbourhood in a snap.

3. IB Schools In Singapore Are Now Beginning To Rely On Online And Digital Resources To Improve The Student’s Total Learning Experience

Some IB primary schools in Singapore are recognized for utilizing a distinct mentor version called Substitution, Enhancement, Alteration, and Redefinition (SAMR). It enables students to study topics at amazing rates and makes online partnership constantly possible.

The school is open up to using applications that use Augmented Truth in numerous classes to heighten the immersion of the students. These apps, subsequently, additionally make group discussions interactive and fun. The very same openness to modern technology appears in GEMS Globe Academy, as appears in the testimonies of its students as well as the wide variety of unique, tech-centric workshops it is proactively holding and performing.

4. System Learning are Being Implemented

What had been considered science fiction in the past is now a bonafide fact in a lot of classrooms thanks to the introduction of AI and Artificial Intelligence. While these 2 technologies are probably much more impactful on education and learning all at once, their impacts on IB education can not be refuted.

AI systems are now being used in IB class to analyze the tasks and efficiencies of private students. This, in turn, allows them to give very personalized comments that are only vital to guaranteeing the growth of the student overall. As stated above, this is the ultimate objective of the majority of IB education and learning, as well as it is apparent that AI is vital to not only make it an opportunity however an assurance.

Although it is reasonably still in its early stage phases as well as is used in a relatively limited number of educational institutions, the fact that AI-driven educational options will end up being conveniently available in the future is already a good indicator that it is paving the way towards the continuous improvement of the International Baccalaureate in Singapore and learning.

Machine Learning, on the other hand, has been confirmed to be effective when applied as a means to enhance memorization and various other processes associated with research. Interactive books powered by this modern technology just improve these benefits further for they are comparatively much more engaging for a lot of students.


How the pandemic is affecting the student’s learning

Educators around the world have been striving to provide remote mentors as well as learning programs to their students during the pandemic. Schools in Singapore have been at this for a lot longer than other countries, a lot of our worldwide colleagues are now connecting to us for assistance; we are deemed professionals, now having more experience as well as proficiency. The scenario has forced our faculty at VSA to be more innovative as well as forward-thinking, locating imaginative remedies to educate and take part in brand-new means while still getting to programme objectives. The online curriculum we now offer parallels what would have been provided in the class. Our educators have done an amazing task in really challenging circumstances. The goals of an IB primary school in Singapore are still being satisfied and met.

We are still creating the typical abilities in an IB program, several of that include imagination, effective communication, collaboration, compassion and psychological intelligence (EQ). But this year, our youngsters have developed and demonstrated amazing resilience, as they have been forced to browse hard situations as a result of school closure.

What does this mean to students?

For every single IB primary school in Singapore, students have already submitted multiple assessments over the two years of the program. In typical times, several of this job is analyzed inside by VSA instructors, while others are assessed externally by IB inspectors. This year, with the cancellation of the last examinations, all of the students’ jobs will be evaluated externally by IB examiners worldwide. The IB Organization (IBO) will certainly take these outcomes into account, making use of predictive analytics devices to review as well as evaluate each trainee’s learning course job. The results will be calculated by the IBO using substantial historical data to guarantee that the organization is adhering to an extensive procedure of due diligence as well as ethics. They will certainly take into consideration information from previous years’ examination sessions, private institution information, subject information, and relative information amongst colleges to inevitably identify each students’ score.

Thankfully, the IBO and our VSA College Coaching Office (UCO) have built strong connections with college admissions departments around the world. There have been frequent and routine discussions with admissions police officers, specifically throughout this period, The colleges are cognizant of the troubles our students have actually experienced throughout the year, and will certainly most definitely take this right into account when making their choices.

How will this impact student’s opportunities to enter their dream universities?

The termination of the final exams must not have any type of effect on our students’ capacity to accomplish entrance into their dream colleges. Every graduating student worldwide is experiencing the same challenges, whether it be an IB Diploma student, or students taken part in other scholastic programs. The advantage of having an International Baccalaureate in Singapore is that universities already have a deep understanding of the strenuousness of the program, without the tests. They know, traditionally, exactly how well-prepared and successful IB students are in post-secondary studies. We are extremely positive that the lack of last exams will not impact our students; admissions officers know that our students have been well prepared throughout their years at VSA is an IB through-train school. This consists of the Key Years Program (IB PYP in Singapore), Middle Years Program (MYP), and the Diploma Program (DP). The majority of our grads will have been immersed in all 3 IB programs for 12 years.

Tips for students

Make sure you do your research so you have a deep understanding of the values of an IB education. It is a well balanced and rigorous program that may not be for every person. Pupils are challenged in a broad variety of techniques which include: languages, mathematics, sciences, liberal arts, and the arts. Moms and dads need to be certain that their child is an excellent fit for such a program. However, it is the rigour associated with a well-balanced approach to discovering, in addition to a commitment to intercultural awareness and international citizenship, that prepares students so well for post-secondary research and life after that. The IB programme creates solid students, but more significantly, it creates excellent individuals.



There is only one course International Baccalaureate in Singapore and learning is continuous thanks to these innovations, and it’s not bound to change that quickly. This will only benefit the normal IB student, first, since it furnishes them with required future-oriented knowledge and makes them adaptable to advancements, inevitably making them more open-minded. This satisfies, without a doubt, a lot of the primary tenets of International Bachelor’s degree education.

Moreover, as technologies, like AI, and software application, like learning administration tools, continue to progress and be ultimately applied to IB setups, it will only have a direct impact on the top quality of education and learning that they will certainly be obtaining in IB institutions that apply them. How so? These innovations assess the performance of the pupil in an extremely personalized as well as thorough fashion, boost partnership between educators and students, as well as refer and find out resources always within arm’s reach.

This is why it’s safe to state that it’s only a question of when these innovations will begin to permeate International Baccalaureate in Singapore and learning entirely. Their advantages are just good, too revolutionary, to miss out on.

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