What Can You Do To Encourage Your Child to Learn Coding?

Children’s brains are like sponges, absorbing everything going on around them. It is why your child’s first 1,000 days, or from birth to age three, is a crucial time in their life. They are at the period of their life when every little thing they encounter is soaked by their brain. With this, their brains develop faster. It builds on their brain’s connections with their everyday experiences. So, by the age of five, their brain is almost 90% full grown! It may be hard to imagine how a three-year-old can absorb all the information around them, but that is the beauty of being human.

Parents, like yourself, have this inherent worry that they might have been doing bad in their methods. However, you must know that as long as you let your child grow up in a safe, stable, and nurturing environment, they will recognise that you are an important part of their life. These early years of your child are important and you would want them to feel that you are here to help. Even when they are too young to know what is best for them, letting themtake coding classes in Singapore at the right age will eventually fill them with gratitude because you have thought about their future!

Supporting the healthy development of your child can start with these classes because it teaches them plenty of values and skills that they can use in their future. From identifying the problems of motivation in children to giving you tips on how your child can learn the coding language, this is an article that parents with talented children like you should read!


Why Is It Hard to Motivate Your Child?

You may be one of the many parents who wonder why their child is unmotivated. It may have even caused you some uneasiness because you probably think that you are not doing a good job as a parent. However, you must know that it is typical for kids to be unmotivated about things that they do not like. What is not normal is that they are unmotivated to do anything, not because they are lazy but because they are still in the process of discovering things that they like. Whether they desire to learn how coding works or getting enticed by a robotics course in Singapore, they will have their reasons why they act this way.


So, why is it hard to motivate your child? Let these indications help you clearly understand the reason and what steps you should take:

1. Stress

At such a young age, you might be surprised that children can get stressed, considering that they have no idea about how difficult it is to survive in our world today. Well, you must know that the things that make adults stressed out are different from children. For them, stress can be found in their parents who are too concentrated on their life. While it is natural for you to help them fix their problems, some children find it punishing because they want to find solutions on their own. To avoid causing them stress, you should try and let them be on their own and let them ask for your help when they need it.

2. They do not believe in their efforts

Underperforming is a common practice for children because they think that improving their performance in coding classes, for instance, will not benefit them. As a result, they would not be motivated to work hard. It may come from their beliefs that learning is a fast and easy process rather than a slow or arduous one. What may be done here is to remind them that the challenges they encounter are part of the learning process and that their hard work will be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment!

3. Unrealistic expectations

The ideas that students form in their head can be damaging to their motivation. It may result in discouragement that would cost them their future. Consequently, helping them address these unrealistic expectations that they have set for themselves would pull them out of a rut. Let them know that you hear their frustrations when they do not meet their expectations and help them set realistic ones instead.


Coding as the Future

Introducing your child to coding is how you will set them up for success. With such growth in the industry, alongside the emergence of new technologies, businesses would open to more candidates in the future. Paving their way to it as early as today will give them more edge against the competition of future coding experts!

For women in IT, the male to female ratio in the industry will soon be addressed. Ever since the STEM economy is saturated with male workers, IT women are reaching out to more girls who want to do coding. It will be a proud moment to have your daughter as one of them!

To sum it all up, today’s fast-moving world can be taxing, especially to those who are not prepared. Even when learning materials are available online, you should expand your learning horizons to a maximum. With coding classes in Singapore, not only will they learn how to code, but they will also get to interact with fellow students who soon would have the same passion and serve as their network in the industry in the future. It would secure them the essential skills for the future but also help them survive the competition with having strong connections!


Benefits of Your Child Learning Coding

Developing the next generation of innovators and creative thinkers means you have to put in some effort. While children are more exposed to new and interesting technologies today, getting them into coding would be their foundation to be the innovators of tomorrow.


So, what will happen if your child gets to learn to code? Let these assured benefits help you in convincing them to try the classes you enrol them in:

1. Acquiring a whole new language

Does your child like making up words? If so, they might enjoy learning the whole new language of coding! Let them have fun in the new vocabulary and grammar that coding offers. Exposing them to different languages at an early age will help them understand the world better, and coding can be that new language. The 0’s and 1’s that they will learn in their classes can be their bridge into understanding how the technology operates and, later, find that this is the language that will give them the idea that creating codes is the role they want to take in their lifetime.

2. Become resilient

The challenges that children find in coding is what will make them stronger. It will help them stray away from their childhood instinct to run away from problems. Since coding courses develop practical skills of brainstorming, creative thinking, and decision-making skills, they would be equipped with the necessary problem-solving capabilities! Of course, this does not happen instantly. Even Rome was not built in a day. Hence, the teachings of a reliable coding instructor would give them the vital skills to help them achieve a level of perseverance in finding new approaches whenever they fail. As a result, they would develop resiliency to face any challenges that come their way, and it may be applied to anything that is besides coding.

3. Improve overall academic performance

When one learns how to code, they know how to properly plan and organise their thoughts. These are the skills that develop as one gets acquainted with the work of coding language. In the same way, these skills would help your child excel in their studies. When they know how to execute a program using an organised series of code, they will also learn how to apply it in how they study for their academic subjects. For instance, there is a clear relationship between coding and math. Coding can allow math to have a visual representation of abstract concepts. It would enable the young mind of your child to improve their performance in their math classes. Some may even say that even when a person is bad at math, they can still learn how to code, but that is another subject that can be discussed.


How to Encourage Your Child to Learn Coding

While many parents would wish that it would only take them to say one word to get their child into doing coding courses in Singapore, children need to learn how to be motivated on their own. For their future, you should always be patient with them by guiding them to the right path. In this case, your child could see coding as their future, and you can expect them to have their ups and downs. During the latter, you should know how to encourage them to get them back on their feet. Let these tips help you out:


1. Get involved

In your busy time, you must always dedicate a couple of hours to your child to keep them motivated. A simple way of doing that is to do homework with them, and let them know that you are open to answer any questions that they may have. Demonstrating your interest in your child’s life and passions would be effective in engaging them in their course. As much as possible, As much as possible, show your support because sometimes it is all that they need to give coding a chance!

2. Use reinforcement

You might be worried that rewarding your kid for their good would turn into a slippery slope. While this is a possibility, there are ways you can use extrinsic motivation to help them internalise that their good job is celebrated. Saying praises, giving them hugs, or even high fives are the ways you can do to make them feel good about themselves. These reinforcements are not only easy to provide, but they will also help them avoid expecting material things.

3. Let them have a free day

We all know how monotonous repetitive work can be. Your child experiences these as well! What they need is a breather. With a free day when they can do the things that make them happy, it can reinvigorate or restore the energy that they have for their course. Remember to let them have their day-offs in moderation. You would not want them missing lessons because of this. Instead, use it as a tool of encouragement. For instance, tell them that when they study hard for their upcoming coding test, they can relax or play games all day the day after their examination. It is a positive negotiation that would merit them because they get to study hard and excel in class at the same time, they would find that their hard work would be paid off with me-time!


Coding Courses at Roboto Coding Academy

As a parent, you understand that, at some point, you would have to accept that your child will no longer need your guidance or help with how they do things. Yes, as positive as it sounds, it is a sad reality for parents because they want to be involved in the lives of their child as long as they can. While that may sound so far in the future, you would be surprised by how time flies, and you would regret not getting involved enough in their primary years. Hence, while they are still at a young age, you should give them your time and effort to guide them through their future in coding!

At Roboto Coding Academy, you can enrol your child in a coding workshop for kids! There, they offer the early learning of coding to young minds like your child. With your support for their future passion, you can give them a healthy development that they would need to succeed later in life. Trust that your children will have plenty of positive interactions with their fellow learners and expose them to the type of environment they would have in their future.Do you think that your child would like coding? You should let them take the classes at Roboto Coding Academy today! Let them know you are interested in taking your kid for a free trial class by filling out their form on their website.