What are the different kinds of Leather Bags for women?

Leather bags for women, as suggested by the name itself is made of leather and is a bag used to carry one’s personal belongings which can be carried easily and comfortably anywhere. A small sized handbag can be termed as “purse” and in early 20th century some people also termed it as “pocketbook”. 

Types of leather used in a leather handbag

  • Full grain leather– it is the most natural and popular kind of leather used for a handbag. It is the highest quality handbag. It is not sanded to remove the marks which make its appearance even more appealing. It includes entire thickness of skin which adds to the durability and strength of the bag.
  • Suede-it has a napped surface. It is made from underside of the skin of animals like goat, calf or deer. Cow skin is not used due to its roughness. Since it is formed by splitting leather it is less durable and thin. It easily absorbs any liquid because of its porous surface. 
  • Top grain leather– it is the second most preferable quality of leather. All the imperfections of the leather are removed by sanding which gives it a smooth feel. It prevents stains and has quite long durability therefore is most commonly used leather for handbags. 
  • Genuine leather– it is also known as corrected leather. It is low quality leather used for handbags. It only gives the appearance of leather to the handbag. It does not last long compared to other leather handbags.
  • Bonded leather– handbags made from these leathers are scrap and leftover pulps of leather. Therefore, these are the lowest grade and most endurable quality of leather bags.

How to choose a good leather handbag?

  • Look of the leather– the leather must have a shiny appearance and must be durable. It must also look classy. The color of the leather must also be taken into consideration.
  • Comfort– it must be easy to carry and handle. It must also be of perfect use to you.

Nancy Fowler