Ways That Writing Competitions Can Help You Become A Better Writer

When it comes to writing competitions, many people always think about the ultimate prize. However, there is so much that you gain from these contests that can help you become a better writer. All you need to do is enter more contests, get creative and enjoy the gains. Read to know the different ways that free writing contests can help you be a better writer. 

Avoid Procrastination

When you enter a writing contest, you will have a real opportunity to discipline yourself in all aspects. You will have a strict deadline that you must meet and this will give you a solid reason to focus on your writing and you will have fewer excuses why you should not keep writing. For most writers, distractions are usually the biggest energy. However, when you have a deadline in sight, you will avoid procrastination and will focus on the writing project at hand. 

Gain Exposure

Most free writing contests will always post a list of honorable mentions, even for those who do not get the top three positions. For any writer, these mentions can be valuable assets that you can incorporate in your resume writing. By getting your name out there in the industry, you will be exposed to other writers or content publishers and this will enhance the odds of getting more work in the future. 

Gain More Knowledge

As a writer, you need to constantly gain new knowledge and competitions can help you achieve this. Through competitions, you can connect with hundreds of other writers face to face or through online forums. You can always share some writing tips, ask questions, and even talk about challenges you are facing. You will be dealing with people who understand everything about writing and you will have a great platform where you can tap your resources from. 

Boost Your Self Esteem

As a writer, entering writing competitions is a sure way of improving your self-esteem. Competitions are something that you can talk about with your family and friends. Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to engage with writers, judges, and even publishers. Your self-confidence will improve especially if you win the contest and this can help you build a successful career. 

Step Out of the Comfort Zone

Most writers have an easy time staying in their comfort zone. However, for you to grow and use more of your creative side as a writer, you need to start taking risks. Even if you end up hitting some hurdles on the way, you will surely uncover lots of new strength and get a better understanding of yourself. Free writing contests give writers boundaries that forces them into an unfamiliar situation. As a result, they end up seeking and discovering new ways of approaching their writing. Even if you fail to win the ultimate prize, you will learn how to take risks to pursue and get what you want. 

As you can see, there are many ways that writing competitions can help you become a good writer. This is true, especially for those who want to build a successful writing career.  Things a great opportunity to help you build your self-confidence and practice your writing skills, regardless of whether you win or not. You will also enjoy a feeling of accomplishment when you enter a writing completion. Furthermore, with every contests that you enter, you will gain more than just losing.