Two Things You Should Do Before Pulling Out Your Gun

Using guns can be a great method of self-defense. However, they shouldn’t be the first thing you reach for in a situation where someone else is trying to harm you. Things can quickly go wrong when you’re using a firearm. You could end up hitting someone that you didn’t intend to shoot. You might also injure yourself. It’s best to try to use alternate methods before getting out your gun. 

Get Out of the Situation

If the danger seems minimal and you are the only person affected, see if you can escape the situation first. Search for any possible way out or try to distract your assailant so you can try to evade them. If it seems as though you’re likely to get hurt, you could pull out your gun to defend yourself. Many people wear specially designed concealment jackets to keep their firearms hidden until it is absolutely necessary to retrieve them.

Use Other De-Escalation Methods First 

If you know other defense methods, such as martial arts or persuasion, use these first, if possible. Speaking to the assailant and appealing to reason may be helpful. If your assailant is pointing a knife or other minor weapon at you, it may be possible for you to get away with using less violence overall. If you can’t get away from your assailant, see if you can talk them down and/or get their weapon away from them. Things may be different if your assailant is pointing a gun at you, and pulling out your own weapon may be the best thing to do.

Be aware of your situation and stay in well-lit areas if you are walking alone at night. Don’t go looking for a fight. You should only fight when you need to defend yourself. Wearing concealed carry clothing can help you keep your gun on your person in case you really need it.