Tips & tricks to effectively cover your isc class 11 syllabus.

Your career, education and studies are important aspects of your life. But we are not at all supporting the fact that the students should dedicate all of their times to the education and studies. You have lots of other things in life as well. But you can’t ignore the fact that covering your syllabus on time and preparing for the examinations in the best way is essential too. So, when you have little time left and you have your ISC Class 11 syllabus to complete, ensure you are following these tips and tricks and then appearing for your exams fully prepared.

  • Start early — If you still have time, then you shouldn’t delay in starting to study for your position immediately. The ISC class 11 syllabus is huge and you will require lot of time to cover all the topics and chapters. But if you are already late and their exams are already a month or two away, then you will have not even a minute to waste to cover the syllabus. 
  • Divide your time practically — As we said, you can’t bombard yourself with your syllabus by studying all of them together. It is important that you create a mindful schedule and divide your trying practically. Ensure that you are allocating at least 2 hours of study each day so that you get a lot of time to cover the important topics. Also, divide the subjects as per the days of the week and give each subject equal attention.
  • Mark the crucial topics — In the ISC class 11 syllabus, there are various topics and chapters in all the subjects. Some of them carry more marks than others. It is important that you mark the crucial topics that you just can’t ignore or leave for your examination. Study them carefully and very thoroughly as they are bound to come in your final exams.
  • Study by smaller portion — We understand that the studies in your level are very difficult and it is not possible to mug up everything entirely at the same time. That is why you should divide each other subjects in smaller portion and then study them. This not only makes you grasp the subject easily, but also keeps you less stressed during the examination.
  • Refer to good educational websites and books — You get a plethora of options when you search for good educational websites and books that could provide you solutions and other references for your class 11 ISC exams. But it is important that you select the best ones from this rush and use this application very wisely. You will get prerecorded lectures, mock tests, practice exercises and many ready to use solutions from these applications and books which can be very useful to prepare for your exams. 
  • Keep on practising till the end moment — You shouldn’t stop practicing for your exams even till the last moment. Like, if you are appearing for your examinations tomorrow, ensure that you are solving the exercises from your books and website that you use till the day before appearing for it. This makes you completely prepare for your examinations and leaves no room for mistakes.