The Importance of Facebook and Instagram Ads for Small Businesses

Facebook recently captures nearly 23% of digital ad spending worldwide, and for good reason. Through specialized targeting alternatives, it remains the best in terms of lead generation and audience targeting for all types of advertisers.

Because Facebook owns Instagram, the social media company provides some of the best ways to reach prospects at all stages of the marketing funnel. Facebook ads for small business can be customized to create awareness, consideration and improve conversion.

If you haven’t gotten started with Facebook advertising, then you’re losing much traffic and revenue. Our Instagram and Facebook guide will walk you through the power of Facebook advertising and how to get started setting up campaigns.

Understanding Facebook Ads for Small Business

Facebook offers a cost-effective way for small businesses to advertise among corporate and enterprise-level companies. While conventional promotions like print magazines cost around $30 to reach 1,000 audience, Facebook ads cost about $0.4 for 1,000 views.

Even if you are low on advertising budget, you can use Facebook ads to beat the competition. Your budget may only work for short-term campaigns, but Facebook provides analytics and integrations that help you maximize each campaign.

Using Facebook, you can set up A/B testing to identify your ad creative that’s most engaging and cost-effective. You can also utilize a Facebook Pixel to set up remarketing campaigns for easy conversion.

Facebook advertising provides you the tools needed to target your audience throughout the entire marketing funnel. It also lets you test with different ad types to see what works best for your business. Depending on your objectives, you can choose to advertise using images video, product collections and more.

Should I Place Ads on Facebook or Instagram?

Despite Facebook’s detailed targeting and cost-effective campaigns, it’s pointless to run ads without having a strategy. Developing your social media marketing strategy will help you determine whether your campaigns are best served as Facebook vs. Instagram ads.

Make a research on your audiences and where they usually visit online. Facebook ads work for some media companies, while Instagram ads works for some B2C and entertainment companies.

In general, Instagram skews younger and entertainment-based content is more successful, while Facebook content leans more educational and informative.

If you’re advertising on Instagram, you are limited to ad formats, but Instagram offers a single image, carousel, video and story ads. Facebook ads can include placements on the Messenger app as well as its broad network of mobile apps.

Developing Facebook Ads to Meet Business Goals

After creating a social media strategy, you can proceed to mapping your campaigns. Facebook advertising for small businesses should concentrate on overarching business goals. What are your target quarterly?

Let’s assume you have a Q1 goal to gain 300 new customers. This is the overarching goal that should drive your campaigns, but it shouldn’t be the individual objective for each ad. Instead, you’ll need to develop a series of campaigns that work toward achieving the goal.

For example, your first campaign goal should be improving audience awareness. You can create campaigns focused on reach and views to make sure as many people in your audience see your ad. For awareness ads, you can use a single image or video that incorporates your branding. Ideally, prospects will see your ad and begin to develop a connection with what you offer.

The next step in a conventional marketing funnel is moving your customers to the consideration phase. Depending on your industry and goals, consideration might look like site traffic, app installs or lead generation. In this phase, your ad should be moving customers to connect with your brand in some way, even if conversions are not recorded yet.

Evaluating the Advantages of Facebook Ads

After you’ve set up Facebook ads for small business, it’s time to optimize and evaluate. Though in Digital advertising there are always areas for improvements.

While Facebook is a powerful tool for advertising, it involves a lot of work toward strategy, setup, creative development and more. Contact Artgro team today for help maximizing your social media marketing and advertising.