The Benefits of Solar Traffic Message Board Systems

This article will cover the benefits of solar traffic message boards, including cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and easy installation. This technology is gaining popularity as a viable alternative to traditional message boards. Here’s why:

Solar-powered variable message boards

A solar-powered variable message board uses LEDs as its primary component and runs on solar power to reduce energy consumption. They can operate during nighttime and in all light conditions. They can also be programmed using a Windows-based web browser. Unlike conventional message boards, solar powered portable message boards Washington can be installed.

Unlike traditional static message boards, solar-powered variable message board systems are fully automated and use smart scheduling technology to schedule messages in advance. In addition, conditional messaging features allow you to display news based on real-time inputs such as low batteries, tampering, or environmental conditions. The flexibility of solar-powered variable message board systems makes them an excellent choice for construction, maintenance, and other applications that require constant, visible signage.


A Cost-effective solar traffic message board system is a device that displays messages to vehicles at critical moments. LED lamp panels transmit bright messages to the traveling public and are powered by a bank of batteries. The solar panels are located on the highest point of the unit and recharge the battery bank at a rate of 2.5 hours of sunlight for every twenty-four hours of usage. One of the key features of these systems is that they are fully automatic and feature a qwerty keyboard.

The  LED board can display any content, including animations. Customers can update and change the message board content remotely from any computer or smartphone with the Web Control System. These systems are designed to help traffic managers improve road safety and manage traffic flow. They are available in different sizes and are ideal for locations with speed limits up to 60km/h. A cost-effective solar traffic message board system can save both time and money.

Easy to manage

Solar traffic message board systems are an efficient way to improve road safety. They are user-friendly, solar-powered, and long-lasting. They can be programmed using a Windows-based browser. They can run in any light condition and even during the hours of darkness. Consider these features if you consider getting solar traffic message board systems for your business. You’ll find that these solar traffic message board systems can help you improve your bottom line and make the road safer for everyone.

The portable solar-powered message boards are ideal for emergency communications, temporary messaging, and traffic control. In addition, it offers an extensive rental and sales fleet, in-house maintenance services, and upgrades for virtually all brands. 

Easy to install

Solar changeable message boards are portable, solar-powered signs that provide temporary or emergency communication. It offers the largest rental fleet and a variety of solar-powered message board options. Complete in-house repair and maintenance services and upgrades for nearly all brands. These versatile signs can keep drivers informed about construction and maintenance activities. 

Solar-powered message boards are an excellent option for outdoor advertising, especially in hot weather. A battery bank recharges the boards within 2.5 hours. The control box is lockable, and the battery box is made of steel, so you never have to worry about unauthorized changes to the message board or theft of the batteries. Easy-to-install solar traffic message board systems are a great way to get a freeway message board up and running without a significant investment.