The Beginner’s Guide To Online Sports Betting In Malaysia

Watching sports in action is really an exciting and most intense experience for every sports lover. Whenever you are rooting for your favourite team to win in the finals or praying your idol player get a buzzer-beater shot, watching sports is really a fun bonding time with your friends and family.

What makes it more exciting is if money is involved. Sports betting has been in the industry for many tears. In Football, boxing or basketball, many people win millions just by betting. Sports betting is not relatively new in many Asian countries like Malaysia. It has been going around for many years, and many people are obsessing about it.

If it is your first time participating in online sports betting in Malaysia, here are the basics that you need to know:

How To Find The Right Online Sports Betting In Malaysia

There are a lot of things to consider in choosing the right sports betting site in Malaysia for you.

Sports Coverage

There are people who place bets on different sports while others stick to one.Online football betting in Malaysia is one of the popular betting sports in the country. There are betting sites that have wide sports coverage, and if you like to bet on more than one sports, then this kind of site is perfect for you.

Legal Sports Betting Site in Malaysia

Just like online casinos, sports betting sites in Malaysia should operate with a licence. Playing in illegal sports betting sites not only compromise your security and personal information, especially your financial transactions. There are syndicates that use illegal betting sites to steal information.

Legitimate online sports betting in Malaysia should be able to provide certificates and credentials to prove they are legally operating in the country.


Sports betting like online football betting in Malaysia often offer bonuses, promotions and rewards for loyal patrons. These bonuses may range from cash to exciting freebies and even free bets.

Cashbacks are a popular reward among betting sites. Cashbacks is when the site returns you a percentage of your bet when your team wins. Freebies are also popular among sports fanatics. Official sports merchandise like jerseys, caps and signed memorabilia. These collectible items are given away to the winning bet.

Payment Methods

Many people look for online sports betting in Malaysia that have quick and easy payment methods. The complicated process for deposits and withdrawals often turns down people who bet. More banking options are better and more flexible.

Many sports betting sites now allow the use of credit and debit cards. E-wallet and cryptocurrency are also the latest addition to payment methods.

Aside from this, they also consider the speed of payouts and withdrawals in sports betting.


There are websites for sports betting in Malaysia who now have a mobile app to correspond to their sites. It allows people to place their bet through their mobile phones without accessing the betting website through their laptops and computers.

These sports betting apps sync all the information, even the financial transaction from your website account for faster betting and payment process.

Things To Remember When Participating In An Online Sports Betting In Malaysia

Understand The Sports Betting Mechanics

You don’t have to worry about learning the sports betting mechanics since all sports have the same betting rules. Team sports like all-time favourite football and basketball or individual sports like tennis or boxing, all these sports have similar betting mechanics.

The first obvious thing to do is to choose your team. There are lots of factors in selecting the team you want to bet on. Are they stronger and much capable than the opposing team, or maybe they are just your favourite team.

The second to remember is the amount of your bet. Some online sports betting may require a minimum and maximum bet. It’s up to you how much money you want to place as long as it is within the minimum and maximum cap.

Placing The Bet

Placing the bet online is now much easier compared before, where you still needed to phone your bookmaker. Once you connect your cash accounts or deposited money to your online sports betting account, you can place your bet on whichever team or sports you like.

There are apps or websites that allow you to place bets in different sports at the same time. You will be notified of the betting cap on each game. It will only take you a few clicks to place your bet.

Learn The Odds

You might have heard of the term odds in betting. The odds measure the likelihood of the games’ final outcome or results. Odds are used to calculate how much money you can win. Betting on an underdog team always have a higher odds and higher amount of wins than its

stronger opposing team.

There are three kinds of betting odds: American Odds, Decimal and Fractional.

Start With The Sports That You Are Familiar With

You might get overwhelmed by the variety of sports you can bet on, but for beginners, it is advisable to start with the sports you are most familiar with.

To familiarise yourself with the betting mechanics, starting with the game that you know well will help you understand the betting rules much faster. Big sports games like the Super Bowl, for example, may have higher payouts than other sports because of its popularity among sports fans. But if you don’t know how the game works, you’ll likely lose a bet.

Starting with the sports you know will give you a better analysis of the odds. Knowing which team is likely to lose or win will give you an advantage in decision making.

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