Is it OK To Buy Plants Online?

During a pandemic, people mostly spend their time at home. During that time, many of them have become more productive. For example, they clean the house, cook, and exercise. No wonder if they start buying plants.

Lately, plants’ function is not only as an air conditioner and filter but also as a form of room aesthetic. Plants can decorate patios, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. And turn them into more comfortable and relaxing spaces. Likewise with flowers that are placed at home. A flower table can complement and decorate empty spaces on the work table, study table, living room table, corners of the sideboard, and an existing seat.

Buying plants and the table online is the most practical and safe way, because we don’t need to go to the store, and minimize the transmission of Covid-19. Such as plant delivery Singapore which can be done online too.

However, if you buy ornamental plants and the table online, there are many things that you need to pay attention to because people are starting to take advantage of the situation. Here are tips for buying them online properly and correctly:


  1. Ensure a trusted shop for ornamental plants

The first tip is to make sure a trusted ornamental plant shop. To prove whether a trusted ornamental plant shop can be done by seeing whether there are many followers or not and how to plant delivery Singapore that pay attention to all safety and quality.

Meanwhile, if the ornamental plant shop is in a market place, you can see how many plants are sold at the store. If there are many, it is certain that the store is trusted and can be seen as a recommended shop.

Some plant sellers offer prices below average, however the quality is not necessarily good. Some buyers are deceived because the seller runs away or blocks the buyer’s account. Indeed it is your risk as a buyer, especially if you don’t do your research. Therefore, it is crucial to find out who the seller is, where they are located, and people’s reviews of them.

  1. Check the product description

Before buying, it is highly recommended that you first read all the texts that have been made by the shop, to protect and avoid various misunderstandings when the product has been received. For this reason, it would be nice if before buying, to read the contents of the description first, because the description contains the height, unit price, wholesale, party, and offline sizes.

Do this so that the plants and flowers are up to your expectations and you are not disappointed and judge that the shop is fake even though it is your fault that you ignored the description.

  1. Read customer reviews

Then, after you’ve chosen a marketplace, don’t forget to read the detailed review. It would help you in terms of budget estimation and see the trusted plant delivery Singapore with the best service. So, this is an important consideration that cannot be overlooked. Because plants are not like goods in general, other customers’ opinions are very important to read.

  1. Ask the seller to take a photo with the plants and flower you want to buy

After finding a trusted store or account, make sure you ask whether the photos posted are in accordance with the original item or not.

The photo listed on the seller’s storefront page represents what kind of plant you will buy. But keep in mind, what you see may not be the same as what you will receive later.

To be sure, there is nothing wrong with asking the seller to take pictures of the ornamental plants you are going to buy. It would be even better if the seller wants to provide a video.

If the plants and flowers you want to buy are photographed with the seller, there is no need to hesitate to buy the plants you want.

  1. Customizing plants with packaging and delivery options

The next thing is to pay attention to the plant species you want to buy. Also, make sure to choose the fastest shipping option, if it’s a plant that withers or dies, such as ornamental flowers and non-woody plants.

If in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask the seller if he is willing to add more soil, give anti-stress medicine to plants, and make additional packing of wooden cardboard boxes. It can increase plants’ chances of remaining healthy during the shipping process.

Some sellers give bonus pots or sell plants as well as pots. However, some only send plants in an uprooted state. Make sure you read the seller’s specifications carefully, so you don’t get the wrong expectations. And when you buy ornamental plants and flowers in Singapore, look for a trusted plant delivery Singapore site.

  1. Do quarantine according to plant species

Buyers often make a mistake when their package of crops arrives by planting it in direct sun. It is mistreatment and should not be done. It is important to quarantine the plants first when they get home, but it must be adapted depending on the species. You do this by choosing the loose garden soil at dawn, water it sufficiently, then place it in a shady place for about 5-7 days.

In this way, the plants will slowly readjust themselves to the new temperature, soil, and location. If the leaves turn green and face completely within seven days, they can be put under direct sun or stay in the shade.

  1. Don’t forget to check return service

Sellers who provide quality goods will not hesitate to receive refunds if they find that their selling does not match the buyer’s expectations. Ensure you check whether or not a return or refund facility is available.

It’s especially worth it if the type of ornamental plants you buy is the one that costs millions of rupiah. Consider some of the important tips above before buying houseplants online.

Of course, a trusted online ornamental plant shop knows about these things and always tries to provide the best service. So, you don’t need to hesitate to buy.

Before buying online, make sure you understand the points above. So that later you are not disappointed when the plant arrives at home. You can also get ornamental plants and flower tables according to what you want. An alternative way to enjoy plants at home is to buy bouquets that have less hassle. To buy it online, you can check gift delivery Singapore e-commerce.

Description: Buying plants and table flowers online is the most practical and safe way, because we don’t need to come directly, and minimize the transmission of Covid-19.