The Basic Features of a Concealed Carry Belly Band

Whether you are just starting to look into the purchase of a concealment belly band or you are a seasoned professional, there are a few essential things to consider. It will help if you are looking for an elastic pouch that fits comfortably around your hips and a custom-molded polymer shell that can hold up to the weight of your firearm.

Draw Speed

You can improve your draw speed with practice, whether you are a novice or an expert. Belly band holsters can be great for practicing drawing and holding a gun without compromising functionality.

Belly band holsters are available for both pistols and revolvers. These holsters are usually made of neoprene or nylon, which are soft on the skin and stretchy. They can be used for dry firing, which is excellent for practicing your trigger press and sight alignment.

Compared to a hip carry, the draw is faster when using a belly band. This is due to the ability to cant forward, which makes the pistol’s grip more in line with the body and less likely to poke into your leg. It can also help improve concealment, though it may be uncomfortable if the pistol is longer.

Custom-molded Polymer Shell

A custom-molded polymer shell for the concealment belly bands is excellent for several reasons:

  1. It can give the user more protection for their firearm than a standard belly band.
  2. It can be easily adjusted to a specific position and used for different drawing methods.
  3. It can be worn almost anywhere.
  4. It may help accentuate the user’s body a bit.

Some Clothing Company makes a variety of holsters and clothing for concealed carry. The Belly Band Holster is the most popular. It is constructed with a rigid polymer shell, padded with neoprene, and patented. It is also available in seven sizes and is a good option for the concealment seeker. It is also machine washable.


A belly band around the waist is a convenient way to carry your pistol. The best belly bands are made of neoprene, a durable and breathable material. They are usually worn underneath loose-fitting clothing. You may need to add a Velcro strap to keep the holster in place. Depending on the size of your belly band, you may need more room for a heavier handgun. The best belly band is the one that works for you.

There are many belly band aficionados out there. Some rely on their belly bands to carry their pistols and other gear. Some of the best belly bands feature a proprietary retention system that keeps their wares secure and in place.


Whether you are just looking for a holster for your EDC or have a concealed carry permit, a belly band will be a valuable and comfortable way to carry your handgun. The best belly bands are made of neoprene fabric, which is both durable and comfortable. It is also breathable and will not pinch or pull your skin.

Most belly bands have two or more pockets, which can be used for ammo or other personal items. The pockets are usually shapeless, so the retention straps help keep your gun in place. It is important to practice drawing your gun in all positions before using a belly band.

Elastic Pouch

The belly band trend has been taking hold for the past couple of years. These belly bands are elastic and designed to be worn on the upper part of your pants or your body. Often, belly bands come with additional pouches, which can be used to carry magazines or documents. These are great examples of hip bag that is designed to be helpful. However, they aren’t universal, so it’s essential to ensure you get the right one.

One of the most common types of elastic is made of unwrapped rubber. While this material might seem like a good idea, it loses its elasticity when exposed to the elements. Instead, the best elastic type is a woven and wrapped fabric shielding the rubber from the elements. It’s also a good idea to get one that has a retention strap so that the pouch will stay in place.