Perfect Gifts for Your House Decorating Obsessive Friend from Home Box

We all have friends who are constantly decorating their houses. Having a change is what they live for and have serious OCD issue, hence they can’t stay put with just one thing. If you have this sort of friend or a family member then gifting them some home decorative products from Home Box can be a great idea. You can gift them on their birthdays, anniversaries, some successful work meetings or just because of their newly renovated or constructed house. If you use HomeBox coupons, then you have a good chance of getting discounts along with some free services on your order. Below mentioned are a few gifts that can make your house decorating obsessed person happy.

Crystal Rocks

Have a friend who is fascinated with crystals, precious and semi-precious rocks? Then what can be a better gift than the decorative crystal boulders available at Home Box? These crystals are perfect decorative pieces that can sit well on top of your coffee table, corner table, bookshelf, TV top or even on the window sill. If you opt for smaller sizes, they can be perfect paperweight too, a perfect gift for your friend who recently got a new office, got promoted or just made a study room at their home. Use HomeBox coupons to get these at a low price.

Globe for a Traveling Enthusiastic

Have a friend who just loves traveling or the one who can’t stop raving about it? Then what can be a better gift than a globe? A globe is a perfect gift you can give to a travel enthusiastic friend. Not only will it make them motivated to travel more, but it will also help them in making their plans and marking the countries they have traveled to. The can keep this globe as a showpiece on a table or in an area where they have kept their souvenirs collection or can be perfect for study tables and bookshelf. Use HomeBox couponsto get two sets of the globe, one in large size while others in small to make a good pair.


Clocks are the perfect gift you can give to your friend. So a friend of yours has recently changed décor of a specific place in her house and she is giving you all the details about the décor she has done. Keeping all the details in mind, get a wall clock from Home Box matching her description. This will surely cheer her up and give a complete touch to the place she has just renovated. If she has given a makeover to the entire house, you can use HomeBox coupons, and get a clock for each room.

Good Old Candles

Believe it or not, a scented candle can be a perfect gift for your house décor obsessive friend. People who have such fondness usually have all the decorative items covered as they like to give attention to all the details. Candles are something that is usually left out; hence you can gift it to them. At Home Box you will be able to get your hands on some of the best decorative candles; with the help of HomeBox coupons, you can get a complete set.