Knowing About the Value of the Pearls

Pearls have been admired for a long time. Even today these are considered as luxury gemstones. The value of a pearl depends on its type, size, color and luster. Natural pearls have more worth than the cultured pearls. The Natural pearls are obtained from the sea and cultured pearls are created using a farming technique. The Natural pearls are rare so they are more expensive than the cultured pearls.

How Value of Pearls Can Be Determined?


The value of both types of pearls Cultured and Natural can be determined by factors:

  • Pearl Type – South Sea pearls are very expensive.
  • Size of The Pearl – Larger pearls is valuable than the smaller pearls.
  • Color Of pearl – The pearls comes in different colors.
  • The shape of pearl – The pearls which are round in shape has more value.
  • Pearl Luster – More luster increases the value of the pearl.
  • Pearl Surface Quality – If the pearl’s surface has more blemishes, its value reduces.


Value of Pearls According to Their Types


The value of pearls is also determined by their types. To buy different types of pearl jewelry you can visit which has a unique range of pearl jewelry.  The various categories of pearls and their value are as follows:

  • South Sea Pearl Value – These are very valuable and offer a vast variety in the market. These come in different varieties and colors. It costs around for $1,000 to over $100,000.
  • Tahitian Pearl Value – These pearls are dark in color. It’s strand cost around $500 to $25,000. These come in a variety of sizes and quality.
  • Akoya Pearl Value – These are white and round in shape, small in size and are the cultured pearls which were farmed initially. Its strand costs from $300 to more than $ 10,000.
  • Freshwater Pearl value – The pearls come in a large number of shapes, sizes and colors and are cultivated in freshwater. These are less expensive from $ 50 to $2,000.

The pearls which are of high quality are more durable, these can retain their value for a lifetime. Once you buy it you can pass it to your younger generation.



So, pearls have a great value. These are much in demand for jewelry purpose. Each and every kind of pearl has its own value and it is determined by its features.