In the current world, everyone is seeking perfection. With people more concerned with the way they look, transplants and various surgeries are becoming more common. And especially with the increase in purchasing power one can invest in plastic surgery now. One such important surgery is Brow Bone reduction. The Brow Bone of one’s face is a significant feature that remarks a gender. Brow bones are more poignant and pronounced in masculine faces. A patient looking for a more feminine appearance is very often suggested to undergo a brow bone reduction surgery.

What is exactly Brow Bone Reduction?

Brow bone reduction is also known as forehead feminization surgery. Because the surgery is done to give a feminine touch to one’s face. Brow Bone reduction mainly involves softening one’s forehead to give a smooth flow from the patient’s forehead to the nose. The shape of the face becomes more rounded, flattened and softened giving it a feminine glow.

The surgery is a complicated one and it involves a lot of procedures. So, before you decide to make your face self-satisfactory it would be wise to know about the procedures.

The procedures of Brow Bone Reduction

Before going through the painful surgery of 2 to 3 hours, one must take a consultation. Within a consultancy, the patients can express out their goals and what adjustments they would like to make in their facial structure to the doctor. The doctors will review the requirements and discuss the procedure specific to your requirements.

In some cases, the front wall of the brow bone is reduced, whereas in some cases the down bone is shaped. An experienced surgeon will always implement perfect actions customized to your perfect desires.

Recovery from the surgery

An incision is made within the scalp of the head. It might be visible for a few months after the operation. After the surgery, the patient usually requires 2 to 3 days to get over the pain. The pain is usually a bad headache. With effective medications and antibiotics, one can easily get over the pain. Besides this, patients can also experience numbness after the surgery. One might also go through swelling in the eyes and hair loss in the area where the incision is made. But within a few months, these problems tend to go away.

The cost of the Brow Bone Reduction Surgery

The cost of the surgery varies greatly according to the type. Given that brow bone reduction is a highly customizable operation, the price change also alters accordingly. But typically, the surgery will cost within a range of 6000 to 9000 US dollars. It also depends on the hospitals and other facilities.


Though one should be satisfied by the way they look. But if an operation can increase your esteem. If surgery of Brow Bone reduction is capable of making you feel more satisfied when you look at yourself in the mirror, then go for it! Seek perfection, not because of others but because you want it.