iPad in Singapore: Why Should Rent and How It Can Help You

Anyone studying, working, or doing a business has various tools at their disposal. As everything happens all at once, managing workflow becomes increasingly difficult. The only solution is to find the right equipment to keep up with your needs.

iPad among Singapore users sees this technology as a remarkable piece that can create and do anything. Like its tagline, yes, it does that and then some. It’s incredibly convenient and light, making it a great choice for people always on the run.

9 Things an iPad Can Help You With

1. Increase productivity

When people don’t have the right resources to do their job, they lose interest in doing anything. Although you have a laptop for most tasks, there are times when switching your computer on is not feasible.

You can always rent an iPad Air in Singapore because it’s flexible. If you have numerous devices, you may effortlessly connect your works and visuals to continue working on a project without encountering any difficulties.

2. Write or draw anything

The major selling point of the iPad in Singapore was when they offered the Apple pencil. LiDAR, a sensor built into the iPad, allows the device to view in three dimensions. You can use it to take notes, sketch, keep a log, and more.

It can also be as effective as typing, and then you can copy and paste the handwriting into another document easily.

3. Performing multiple tasks

When using an iPad, you have the option to use many Apps at once. If you apply for a hardware subscription, you can make the most out of it since you can slide over and split the view.

If you are in a rush for an assignment or work, you can feel at ease knowing you don’t need to use additional two screens to finish them. Split view displays apps in their resizable windows, while slide over allows you to see two apps side by side.

If you rent an iPad Air in Singapore, you can enjoy the A14 Bionic chip that gives it lightning-fast performance, even while multitasking or performing graphics-intensive tasks for extended periods.

4. Enjoy high-quality display

An iPad Air in Singapore offers a sophisticated mobile display. Apple’s Pro Motion and True Tone technologies in the Liquid Retina display make for a stunning visual experience. If you are an editor and want to see photos and videos in their best quality, an iPad is a good way to go.

5. Let’s you go paperless

Students and working professionals don’t need to carry hefty school bags stuffed with textbooks and notepads. If you rent an iPad Air in Singapore, you can use a compatible Apple pen and a smart keyboard. You don’t have to waste paper and ink printing all your notes.

You no longer have to sift through a stack of paper notes to discover a specific phrase or term because iPads allow you to organise your notes into folders and search for words that exist across many documents.

6. Easy to carry

As compared to a laptop, an iPad is more portable. Because of its small size and lightweight, it is a better option because it can do many of the same things. Once you sign up for an iPad subscription service, you’ll find it easier to do your job since you have another device you can use anytime and anywhere.

7. More storage to use

Anyone who has used software for any time knows how frustrating running out of storage space is. Large file sizes are common in the work of many employees and students. An iPad in Singapore typically comes in storage ranging from 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. Even though you’ll still have to clear some space from time to time, you won’t fill up storage as quickly.

8. Use it as a TV

If you want to view movies, you may buy or rent them from iTunes, stream them from Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Apple TV+ or download them from Crackle. It can be your television in case you are outside your home and on a road trip. If you don’t prefer turning your television on, you can also rest in your bed while using it.

9. Make presentations

If you are presenting or plan to make one, an iPad can come in handy. Since it’s portable, you can put it in your luggage to conserve room for other necessities. Employees who want to show off to their bosses can always rely on the iPad subscription service that allows them to rent it every month.

4 Reasons Why Renting an iPad is a Better Alternative


1. Save more money

Those who don’t have an instant S$1,200 in their bank can save more money on the iPad subscription service. Aside from the device, you will most likely pay for other accessories, service fees and AppleCare. Therefore, you’ll require professionals to oversee the devices and provide technical assistance, software upgrades, and internal cleaning. The price tag on all of this quickly mounts. When you buy an iPad in Singapore, you might end up paying more than you thought.

2. Fit short-term projects

A hardware subscription can save you money if you need more than one for your organisation or event. A company or class with many participants might profit from renting equipment because you only need it briefly. You get more for your money if you rent an iPad in Singapore in these situations.

3. Works for events

iPad Pros during a meeting or presentation can improve attendance and participation. If you sign up for the iPad subscription service, you may have it ready. There are fewer potential sources of distraction because they don’t contain personal information like email or apps you use for your job.

4. Use latest technologies

Because of the rapid pace of technological advancements, even the most up-to-date equipment might lose value. It works for you if you don’t prefer to risk buying the latest iPad in Singapore. When you rent, you have the freedom to always have access to the newest technology available.

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