Home Makeovers: How to Achieve a Modern Interior Design in Singapore

Most people imagine the modern interior design in Singapore when they think of clean, uncluttered aesthetics. It makes it possible to have a home that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Modern design typically uses natural materials, neutral or earthy hues, and no excessive details. It tends to stick to monochrome colour schemes. Furniture from the 1950s and 1960s is sought after in many homes. Thus, a modernist style is not restricted to a single design theme.

Modern Design: What Is It?

Form follows function is a fundamental idea of modern interior design in Singapore. According to Louis H. Sullivan, this architectural quote is defined as something that holds that a building’s function, not its appearance, should serve as the beginning point for its design.

To put it another way, the design of all furnishings and ornamental objects should reflect their intended use. Any furnishing, decor, or decorating feature that doesn’t serve you can disregard a useful purpose entirely.

If you’re browsing for home renovation ideas, you need to take note that every element you’ll see created by designers has a purpose.

What Are The Elements of Modern Interior Design?


When searching for home or HDB renovation ideas, it’s easy to confuse modern with contemporary design. You can use both modern and contemporary similarly, but each has specific characteristics.

1. Minimal

If you prefer a minimal landed property interior design in Singapore, creating something modern is a good way. Modern interior design is minimal and uncluttered, influenced by German and Scandinavian architecture and design.

This style fits people who prefer to be practical about what they only include in their homes. It ensures that each piece of furniture or accessory has a reason for being there. Either it gives additional storage, or it’s a necessity.

2. Clean lines

There are a wide variety of shapes and forms that you can create in the home through the use of various lines. Dynamic, flat, and vertical are the three primary forms of lines. However, modern interior design in Singapore implements fewer curves and more straight lines.

The secret to improving conceptual flow and balance is allowing these diverse lines to function together.

3. Muted colours

Bright colours are toned down in favour of monochrome and a neutral palette in modern style. If you prefer a modern design for your HDB or condo renovation in Singapore, you’ll have to find pieces that range in the colours of white, beige, black, grey and anything pastel.

4. Free of clutter

Those who need a clutter-free environment to keep their pressure levels in check may enjoy the modern interior design in Singapore, which stresses open spaces. It tends to be organised consistently, avoiding crowding.

For example, in your living room, you can expect to include a television, a sofa, a coffee table, a rug, lights and a few pieces of pillows to give it an accent. Some may even include an indoor plant to make it more environmentally friendly.

5. Uses natural light

Utilising natural light over electric lighting is another essential aspect of modern architecture. If you’re looking for home renovation ideas that let you save electricity, a modern interior is a practical and efficient method to brighten and open up a space.

6. Multi-purpose furniture

Modern interior design in Singapore doesn’t necessitate squandering every penny on ostentatious furnishings. Interior designers look to modernism’s emphasis on simplicity in their designs, including basic furnishings.

If there is only a limited area to include everything, it adjusts the size and the function of the furniture they include to ensure there is still enough space.

7. Easy-to-navigate

If you reside in flats with smaller spaces and are looking for HDB renovation ideas, you must choose aesthetics that make you feel comfortable. The most important thing is to ensure that your living space is as livable as possible.

How to Apply a Modern Interior Design to Your Home


1. Decide on your floor plans

If you are doing a condo renovation in Singapore and have plans to change your interior completely, you may consider extending each area. You can combine an open kitchen and dining room into your living room. This kind of idea works for a house with limited space to work.

Open floor designs are an engineering solution, with walls occupying much of the available space. Make utilisation of screens and dividers if you’d like to include minimalist design trends in your home.

2. Choose a colour scheme

Which colour do you prefer as the major focal point? Neutral hues are commonly used in modern home design to emphasise the practicality of the space. There is no need to go overboard with colour schemes regarding your walls and furniture. You may liven up an area that would otherwise be monotonous with a few splashes of colour.

If you want to have a bit of an accent, you can do this by changing your throw pillow covers. You can achieve a modern interior design in Singapore using prints, patterns, and some texture.

3. Incorporate your flooring

Floors are not the best place to add too much texture since they might be dangerous. Tiles should be in a colour scheme that complements the rest of your house, so choose neutral shades.

4. Invest in furniture pieces

Modern furniture is any piece with clear lines, has defined edges, and is highly useful or functional to fit your daily activities. The schemes tend to be minimalist or based on neutral colours, as well. It typically has no carvings, indents or cut-ups seen in the patterns.

5. Add statement decorations

Statement decorations mean creating a focal point in your home that isn’t too loud. It applies to people looking for home renovation ideas that fit their artistic personalities. You may place an eye-catching piece in any house room for whatever item you want to show off.

Are you ready to personalise your home?

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