How to Avoid Last Mile Delivery Woes in Singapore  

 If you are a business person whose job is to sell unique items to the public, you may have to know the importance of last mile logistics in Singapore. First, let us look at the process of creating a product, from the raw materials supplier to the consumer who receives the final item. Raw materials suppliers have the task of growing or producing these items and storing them in their raw form. The supplier needs to store raw materials and find ways to safely transport them to manufacturers who refine the products and create something usable. After refining, they ship the item to the buyers or resellers.

When you think about it, the whole process is a bit more complicated than one may realise. You should make storing, retrieving, and keeping track of items more efficient. It is a serious matter. Any errors that happen in the process of storing, transporting, and acquiring products can cause loss of profits, delays in deliveries, stopgaps in warehouses, and lost productivity.

We have a word for the management of goods during the transportation process. We call it logistics or logistics management. Some people may take the transfer of goods for granted, but in reality, it is a part of the process that affects all other aspects of your business. How you acquire and transport your goods can affect the overall costs of producing your goods.

What is last-mile delivery?

Now that you know all the work that goes into harvesting, creating, refining, and transporting products, you must know the value of getting your item safely to its final destination (whether they are a wholesaler, distributor, reseller, or customer themselves). While this may be the last leg of the journey for your items, they are not out of the woods yet. Do not be complacent because it is the last stop; most research suggests that the majority of all logistics problems happen in the last leg of delivery.

Last mile delivery in Singapore is no exception. You may still encounter complaints and issues as your goods travel to their new owners. Last mile logistics is tougher to handle because the rates of delivery are comparatively higher and there is more risk of human error and unpredictable issues. Another thing to note is that there are dozens of destinations your finished product might go to, instead of just one warehouse. You could risk losing your items.

How do you avoid last-mile delivery woes?


Last-mile delivery is one of the most challenging aspects of delivery management, but that does not mean you are a sitting duck against all the delivery challenges you might face. All you need to do is to enact measures to ensure that you are adequately prepared to confront and control issues related to this leg of logistics.

For example, you can always hire a delivery courier service provider in Singapore. Having a third-party company with trained professionals to handle your logistics needs can save you some money and also eliminate possible risks related to last-mile logistics. Your courier service will handle all matters related to logistics.

Here are a few tips and tricks that a business should try out if they want to pursue a great last-mile delivery experience.

1) Always communicate with your drivers and your customers.

It is not only one side that may experience problems on their end. For example, a driver may experience a flat tyre while on the road, and a customer could be away from their shipping address on the day of delivery. You need to provide open lines of communication so that speaking to drivers and customers will not be as difficult. You can coordinate with them much more easily.

2) Automate and optimise your driver’s routes

If you want your items to arrive at your client’s address safely yet quickly, it is time you turn to the help of technology to guide your drivers. Not only does this make it easier to track your drivers and where they are going, but they can also shave precious time off their clock when delivering. Fast deliveries are exactly what the customer wants when they choose couriers. If you keep up the consistency, they may choose you because of the quickness of your package delivery in Singapore.

3) Install protection systems on your drivers’ vehicles.

All too often, we worry about damage to our assets and stolen vehicles that disappear without a trace. However unlikely they may be, you should still guard yourself against the possibility by installing equipment like surveillance cameras, real-time tracking, drowsiness detection systems, and more. You would not want your driver responsible for an accident and you should not let your assets go unprotected.

4) Invest in the latest delivery technology for your business

Last mile logistics in Singapore lets you experience an arms race that becomes more sophisticated each year. The biggest tech companies are devising ways to completely automate inventory tracking, transportation, and other duties in logistics. It is not only vehicles that need upgrades, but warehouses and equipment too.

5) Improve the distances between customers and warehouses

You can find many great reasons why businesses choose to rent many warehouses despite not filling up each one. They need strategic places to put their products. When companies ship out items, they do not want to do it from a remote location that might take hours to deliver to a customer. The best solution is to find a warehouse located where customers live. It will make them much more accessible and helps cut down on shipment times.

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