Signs You Should Get Contested Or Uncontested Divorce In Singapore

Relationships are undoubtedly brimming with ups and downs. Some days are all about rainbows and butterflies. Meanwhile, others are similar to being on a ship in the middle of a brutal storm at sea. No matter how much a husband and wife love and care for each other, they can still encounter setbacks throughout their married lives. Some challenges may be more complicated than others—so testing that some couples think about filing a contested or uncontested divorce in Singapore. But what is divorce, and how can it benefit you and your spouse?


Divorce is the termination of a marital union. It legally dissolves the marriage of a couple due to various reasons. The contested and uncontested divorce are the recognised types of marriage dissolutions in the country. A contested split-up happens if one or both parties disagree with or oppose an issue. They rely on a judge to make a fair decision for them. An uncontested divorce is a legal dissolution of a relationship where the husband and wife have settled their terms regarding child support and custody, alimony, property divisions, and other issues. There is no perfect divorce type for couples since everyone has different marital situations. If you and your spouse can settle your concerns without needing a judge, consider getting an uncontested marriage dissolution. Otherwise, a contested divorce may be ideal for you.

But deciding to end your marriage is no easy task. You cannot head to the court and convince the judge to legally dissolve your relationship since the Singapore divorce process involves complicated procedures. Numerous situations and issues can cause your desire to separate from your spouse—but you may resolve some of those through open communication and seeking support from your friends, family, or expert counsellors.

But if you are still unsure about filing a contested or uncontested divorce in Singapore, here is a guide to help you consider if you should legally dissolve your marriage soon.


   I.        Signs You Should Get A Divorce

Filing for a legal dissolution of a relationship requires careful thinking. You will need to understand the grounds for divorce in Singapore to ensure that the court will approve your request. You should also see if separating from your spouse is the best choice for your family, especially your children.

You may still be on the fence about filing a contested or uncontested divorce in Singapore, but these signs should indicate that now is the perfect sign to separate from your spouse:

A. You Feel No Intimacy

Intimacy comes in different forms. You and your spouse may lack it now and then, but it is a crucial ingredient in a healthy marriage. However, your or their lack of interest in your connection may be a sign to undergo the divorce process. This distance may signify that you are not happy or satisfied with your relationship, and it would be better if you went separate ways.

B. You Have Been Experiencing Domestic Violence

According to AsiaOne, domestic violence is one of the most prevalent forms of family abuse. Within ten years, one of the institutions handling such issues received more than 3,000 cases of spousal violence. If you have experienced physical or psychological abuse at any point during your married life, you should consider dissolving your relationship with your spouse. The court will most likely approve your request since domestic violence cases are acceptable grounds for divorce in Singapore.

C. You Have Not Been With Your Spouse For A While

Whether you willfully separated from your husband or wife or they deserted you and your family for quite a while, you should consider learning the Singapore divorce process to prepare you for filing one. According to legal experts, you can ask the court to legally dissolve your marriage if you have been living separately from your spouse for three years or if they left you and your children for at least two years.

D. You Have Not Been Communicating Well

Couples can resolve most disputes through open communication. Both parties could hear what the other has to say and compromise on a decision. But you should consider asking them to get an uncontested divorce if you and your partner rarely listen to each other and are not interested in making an effort to talk about your differences. It would be better to end your marriage than get stuck in a relationship where no one is trying to fix their issues.


II.        How To Prepare For A Divorce

If you are considering filing a contested or uncontested divorce in Singapore, you should keep a few things in mind. Doing so will prepare you for the trying and exhausting procedures of dissolving your marriage and ensure your separation from your spouse will be successful. Scroll through for tips to help yourself feel ready for the divorce process.

  1. Talk To Your Family And Friends. Going through the Singapore divorce process can take a toll on your physical, emotional, and mental health, and you will need all the help and support you can get from your loved ones.
  2. Remove Yourself From Unsafe Situations. If you do not feel comfortable or safe being with your partner after you file a contested or uncontested divorce, do not hesitate to move out of your shared residence. Doing so will protect you and your children from possible dangers.
  3. Understand The Divorce Process. Filing a legal dissolution of marriage in Singapore requires research. You will need to understand the divorce process to learn how it can benefit you and what it will do to your relationship with your spouse.
  4. Expect To Pay Divorce Fees. Getting a divorce in Singapore will cost you money. You should settle legal and lawyer fees to ensure the court hears your request.
  5. Work With An Expert Divorce Lawyer. The success of your contested or uncontested divorce will depend on your Singapore lawyer. Their expertise will help you settle disputes with your spouse and convince the judge why you need a legal marriage dissolution.

III.        Hire A Divorce Lawyer To Help You!

Undergoing the Singapore divorce process may be challenging and exhausting, but it could give you a breath of fresh air from an unhappy marriage. Just follow the tips above to guarantee the success of the legal dissolution of your relationship with your partner.

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