Get Ready For Summer Now

In the past, if you had an area of stubborn fat, you just had to live with it. Then came liposuction, which was invasive, took time to recover from and came with many accompanying complications. Now there is something new: CoolSculpting.

Plan Now For Summer

Unless you live in a tropical climate, winter is a great season to start planning your beach body. If you do it right, you can emerge in spring like a butterfly from its cocoon.

Maybe you’ve spent every other winter trying to get ready, but you were never satisfied when beach weather arrived. The temptation would be great to give up and go into hibernation mode this winter. There is a better idea, however.

A new procedure called CoolSculpting is readily available at most medical spas like Cool Sculpting Virginia Beach. The process is not a magic bullet, however. Don’t be tempted to loosen up on your healthy routines, assuming CoolSculpting can fix whatever weight you gain later.

Get the Help You Need This Winter

With CoolSculpting, those stubborn fat cells are frozen. This changes them from a smooth rounded shape to a crystalline one. Your immune system does not like crystals in the body and defenses will swarm to the area to deal with the “invaders”.

What your immune system sees as a foreign presence will be removed by your own body. However we’re talking about a large number of individual fat cells, so don’t expect to look any different until several weeks have passed. Each day, there will be fewer fat cells in the area until you are finally without those troublesome bulges.

If you have tried almost everything to get the body you really want, try one more thing: CoolSculpting. Although, it’s not a magic bullet and won’t assist in weight loss, it can be the final step that gets you happily on the beach.