ENT Health 101 – How An ENT Doctor Can Help You & Your Family

In a time of medical needs, a doctor is one of the most reputable people you can trust. Your ear, nose and throat (ENT) matter to your health. Disorders and illnesses associated cause you to have trouble breathing and hearing. ENT problems, especially in the throat, can lead to respiratory problems—which is why seeing an ENT doctor in Singapore is part of your health maintenance.

Should you have a family member, whether a child, an adult or a senior, they may need the guidance of an ENT specialist to stay healthy at all times. Getting a healthy diet and an active lifestyle will lead you to wellness. However, being unable to keep up with your sleeping routines or a lack of proper sleep, experiencing a hearing problem and having a respiratory illness won’t help you achieve holistic wellness.

Finding an ENT specialist clinic in Singapore can provide you with the holistic care and treatment you need for your ENT needs!

ENT Doctor – What Does It Do?

An ENT doctor simply specialises in treating various conditions that are related to ear, nose and throat. These specialists undergo training and are well equipped to handle different illnesses and conditions, whether it’s a hearing, neck problem or sleeping disorder. Aside from providing ENT treatment for patients, they can also offer consultation services to help benefit an individual to overcome related illnesses.

Common Disorders & Illnesses An ENT Doctor Can Treat

Here are the most common illnesses that ENT doctors can treat:

Ringing ears or tinnitus

Tinnitus or ringing ears are among the most common hearing problems that often happen to people of different ages. Tinnitus can last from seconds to minutes. It can also occur multiple times in a day or week. While there is no exact cure and cause for ringing ears, an ENT doctor can often administer various measures to reduce the likelihood or may conduct a health examination to pinpoint the underlying cause.

Sore throat or tonsillitis

Tonsil problems, be they a common or chronic condition, can be treated by an ENT doctor. Tonsillitis and sore throats occur due to inflammation in the tonsil, located at the back of your throat. They will also provide healthy management strategies to prevent tonsil problems for adults and children.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a common problem. It’s one of the most frequent reasons people visit an ear, nose, throat clinic in Singapore, where people often stop to breathe while sleeping. Those sudden breathing gaps can last between 10 seconds to a minute—which can deprive the brain of oxygen. The most visible sign of sleep apnea is loud snoring and drowsiness or lack of energy during the daytime.

Sleep apnea might not seem threatening enough. However, it can be dangerous in the long run since it prevents your body from getting enough sleep.

Stuffy nose

A stuffy nose happens when the sinuses become inflamed and swollen due to infection. A stuffy nose characterises difficulty and breathing. It is often frequent among children and adults experiencing cold or flu. The swelling can interfere with the mucus, hence making your nose stuffy. Visiting an ENT doctor can provide an in-depth diagnosis based on your sinus infection history should normal treatments don’t work.

Ear infection

Ear infection can cause more than just pain and irritation to your ear. It can impact your hearing as well. Some people can be more exposed to experiencing ear infections, especially children—who are susceptible to infections. Ear infections can cause illness, which is why having an immediate response can prevent further progress and worsen the condition. Such conditions have symptoms such as; fever, pain, hearing impairment, headache and vertigo.

How An ENT Doctor Can Help You & Your Family


Bringing your child or loved ones to an ENT clinic in Singapore is more than just treating an ENT-related problem. Having an ENT specialist can provide a holistic cover for your ENT health through:

Detecting problems earlier

An ENT doctor or specialist can help you and your family to stay problem free by detecting problems before they can progress. Having an early detection of an illness during its pre-development has a greater rate of providing early treatment, thus increasing the success of removing the problem before it becomes an actual health illness. Early detection also leads to a more accurate diagnosis, which will help you determine the best treatment plan.

Provide special care

Visiting An ENT specialist clinic will help you get specialised care for various ENT conditions, whether you’re suffering from a hearing problem or a chronic sore throat. Your ears, nose, and throat can be sensitive and having a specialised doctor with a credible background and experience can be skillful enough to grant you an effective solution.

Thus, whether it’s something you can bear or a minor problem, working with an ENT doctor can tailor treatment and accurate diagnosis to relieve the problem as soon as possible.

Saves you money in the long run

Serious ENT illness and complications can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Saving yourself from those enormous medical and hospital bills will start by doing your responsibility and visiting an ENT doctor for regular checkups every once in a while (once or twice a year).

Finding the right doctor at the right time can avoid you from having to go for expensive options and can even prevent you from having ENT illnesses that are costly to treat. As we have seen, having an ENT doctor is more than just a perk for your health maintenance.

Having an ENT doctor is your best way to deal with problems earlier and save you more in the long run. If you are looking for an ENT clinic in Singapore with a professional ENT specialist that you can trust, visit Dr Jenica Yong.