Halal Food: A Handy Guide On Understanding What Halal Food Is

Does the term Halal ring a bell to you? Halal food is the type of food that is permissible under Islamic law. The Muslims have unique and different fasting practices guided by religious rules and influenced by cultural differences. When it comes to the real essence of these food practices, there are specific traditions and procedures Muslims have to follow and practice.

Halal food is increasing its popularity across the globe and not only in the Western World. Due to the rising number of communities who prefer this cuisine, it has also reached Asian countries. If you need a halal food party set with delivery, you can easily access and look for dining options online or on the internet. 

As a natural result of this growth, more businesses continue to establish and serve these kinds of foods to meet the rising demand from these communities. So, if you’re hosting an event, special occasion, or casual gathering, you may want to consider ordering halal party food with delivery in Singapore.

Despite the popularity and awareness of people with regard to halal food, what it is, and where halal foods are from, it is still far from being sufficient. Hence, if you plan to order a halal party food delivery in Singapore soon, let this guide you on the most basic information about halal food.


According to the Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the word Halal came from an Arabic word that means lawful or permitted. However, in general, it pertains to what is permissible or allowed under Islamic law. It is the opposite of haram, which means unlawful or prohibited. 

Muslims have to comply with these rules and regulations strictly when eating. They need to observe and follow these Halal rules in good faith and health. So if you’re hosting a party and know a Muslim, you may want to consider a halal party food delivery in Singapore. Their Halal rules apply to many fields, including the way they dress, finances, personal actions, lifestyle, food, and drinks. All these fields have their framework and a general understanding of halal.


WWhen it comes to halal foods and drinks, the Islamic diet is similar to the concept of kosher in Judaism. Both halal and kosher describe their practices as food preparation and the dietary guideline as per the requirements of their respective religious rules. But there are also differences between the two. One is that halal and haram broadly cover all aspects of life, and not just diet, fasting, food, and drinks. Another difference between these two religious systems is their take on dairy products. Islam does not ban eating dairy products, unlike Kosher. Lastly, they have different prayers and rituals before eating. In Islam, they must pray in the name of Allah before eating halal meat. So, when you order halal party food delivery in Singapore, and a friend starts praying, let them do their ritual and offer their prayers first.

According to a report by BBC, halal food prescribes particular rules for its ingredients, meat products, recipes, condiments, and beverages. When you want or need some nourishment in your body, getting halal finger food with delivery in Singaporeis the best solution. Halal food is more from poultry, cattle, and prey animals, which are high in protein and iron and good for improving muscle growth.



Whether for a halal tea break with delivery in Singapore, a party, special event, or casual get-togethers, poultry, cattle, lamb, and some prey animals are what you will see mostly. They are NOT allowed to eat carrion or an animal that dies due to illness or natural causes. For it to be considered halal, the animal should be healthy, conscious, and alive at the time of slaughter. Not all meat can be halal, regardless of how people slaughtered it. Animals that are always haram to eat include:

  • Pork and its by-products are strictly forbidden
  • Donkeys, mules, and horses
  • Fanged animals, such as cats, dogs, bears, sharks, musk deer, or gorillas
  • Birds of prey
  • Reptiles
  • Some other animals, such as monkeys

When it comes to some other foods and drinks and even ingredients, they also have restrictions. Whether you’re organising it yourself, preparing the foods, or ordering from a halal party food restaurant with delivery in Singapore, here is a list below of the banned food products for the Muslim people to put it way more precise and exact:

  • Alcohol and all intoxicants
  • Pork meat, gelatine, and fat,
  • Carnivorous animals,
  • Blood


Nowadays, people, Muslim or not, are trying out halal foods. The advantage of halal food is that it can cater to all your eating preferences and necessities, regardless of the religious rules. It can meet your food needs, such as meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy products, and bakery products. Going back to the question, is halal food nourishing? Yes. This cuisine will never deprive you of any vitamin, nutrient, or mineral. If you’re strictly following a healthy diet, consider ordering halal finger food with delivery in Singapore today.



Whether your business serves halal party food with delivery in Singapore, as catering services, as an online food business, or where else you establish your business, it is almost sure that many people will care for religious rules, especially Muslims. Therefore, they are your potential customers for your food serving enterprise. 

In a business, especially with something like this, a certification is a MUST. Halal certification will prove adherence and compliance to these Halal food laws and rules. Once you have the halal food certification, you can start buying all halal food ingredients, preparing halal foods, and organising your halal food menu. Halal certification doesn’t only prove adherence but can also help with setting appropriate prices for serving authentic halal food. Because of this, it will absolutely increase your customer mass and attract more customers with different priorities and tastes.


Halal food is increasingly gaining massive popularity in the market nowadays. All thanks to its vast content of food products mainly comprising many kinds of meat, such as lamb, cattle, poultry, and the like, fruit, vegetables, and bakery products. Despite the importance of Islamic laws for the Halal food notion and regardless of whether a person is Muslim or not, any person can consume halal food. So, if you’re looking for a sign to indulge in both healthy and delicious foods, get yourself a halal finger food with delivery in Singapore.

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