Energy Efficiency Strategies for Large Homes

Energy bills for large homes can run quite a bit higher than bills for moderately sized homes. Here are some important elements of efficiency in a home that has lots of living space.

Prioritize Cooling Efficiency

Having to cool a home with a large square footage can be costly. In fact, controlling the temperature in a big house could easily account for the greatest percentage of the total kilowatts on an energy bill every month. Homeowners with large houses need to be strategic about keeping cooling costs in check, so you need to use your system judiciously. Also, be sure to schedule preventive cleaning and calibration for your HVAC system to optimize its efficiency.

Utilize Smart Technological Solutions

A smart thermostat that easily integrates with other convenient automation features for your home will make it easy for you to monitor and adjust the controls on your thermostat. Having this great feature spares you from paying to run your system more often than you really need to. If you need help setting up smart home services Baton Rouge LA, work with a service provider who can help you combine multiple systems into your home onto a single interface that you can access on your phone.

Use the Best Lighting

After heating and cooling costs, your home’s lighting could very well be the second biggest component of your electric bill. Always buy LED light bulbs instead of the older incandescent bulbs that are being phased out of production. There are LED bulbs available that are compatible with most existing incandescent fixtures. In some instances, it may be necessary to modify fluorescent filters to use energy efficient LED ballasts.

Keep an eye on your total energy usage every month to get a sense of which of your efforts are having the biggest impact. Over time, you may be able to generate substantial savings.