Do You Need Professionals’ Help to Destroy Wasp Nests

Spring is a wonderful season – a season of hues and flowers. Trees are donning a fresh look and pregnant with buds and blooms this time. It means animals and insects, which went into hibernation in cold months, are now slowly waking up. So, it’s not surprising that wasp queens are flying around and searching for the perfect place for nesting and laying eggs.

Hornets and wasps purposefully hunt and control pest insects. But there is no denying the fact that their stings are extremely painful. It clearly means they pose threats to you, your family and guests if they build up nests inside or near your home. In some cases, their nests can be removed safety but there are several situations where hiring a licensed pest control specialist ensures safe and excellent wasp elimination results.

Nesting Activities

Wasps are in the habit of abandoning nests in the winter months. Social wasps build their nests for the entire year and it is only the queen that survives through the cold months. Once winter bids adieu, they flock to a warmer and safer place until the weather changes once again. In the warmest months, they live in the nest at their largest numbers. It is the time when a layman-like approach to destroy wasps will cause more harm than doing good. A professional pest control expert has knowledge and experience in handling such situations.

Remember that wasps are aggressive, especially so when they are provoked or threatened. Therefore, removing a crowded wasp nest requires knowledge, expertise and experience on professional levels. Call in a wasp removal Boston specialist to deal with the issue and prevent painful stinging.

If the weather is not very hot and the nest is not very big, wasp spray is very effective in destroying their nest. In fact, you can do it yourself. But make sure to don protective clothing. Having an escape route is also important in case, they become aggressive due to your nest-removing activities. Some wasps don’t make paper nests whereas ground-nesting species take refuge in burrow. These wasps are easy to control by applying insecticide dust inside the hole. However, they can still become aggressive as soon as their abode is approached and existence is threatened.

Regardless of the size of the nests and what season of the year it is, you will always gain benefits by hiring a professional to get the removal process carried out efficiently and safely.

Ripe Time to Call in Professionals for Wasp Removal

The best time to call in professionals is when hornets and wasps start nesting inside of walls. Dust and Sprays – these are two widely available and applied insecticides but are not the best options to destroy wasps for various reasons. Sprays do not work as they are applied from a safe distance from the actual nest and commercial dust is strictly prohibited for indoor use.

Only a licensed and experienced pest control professional can ensure safe destruction of wasps and hornets that have built nests inside of your house. Once destruction is done, sealing the structure is extremely important to prevent further invasion and infestation of wasps.