Diamond, Rings and Your Choices

The most popular stone after diamonds is sapphire. It’s very particular blue bewitched more than one. Elegance and character come together, especially when you think of the ring that Prince William gave to Kate Middleton. But know that there is not only one color of sapphire, green, yellow or even pink, it has something to delight hearts.

If you choose a ruby, be careful, its deep red tones are quite spellbinding, but sometimes a little dull. We therefore advise you to match them with diamonds for a much brighter rendering.

Finally, if you make the even more marked choice of an emerald, be vigilant about what is called its “garden” that is to say the characteristic inclusions of the emerald. If these are too present, there is the risk of a more fragile stone. In addition, emeralds are often oiled. If you wash it too much or put it in a bath, it will deteriorate. You must therefore be particularly attentive to its maintenance, which is moreover an important subject whatever the jewel. The use of the Lab Diamond Wedding Rings are also not rare.

What form of stone?

Now it’s up to you to choose the shape of the central stone for your sweetheart’s solitaire. Yes, there is not just one single form of stone. If the round brilliant cut for the diamond is the most common and the brightest, you can quite create a more assertive style just by opting for a different shape of stone. From the most romantic, with the heart shape, to the most vintage like the cushion, anything is possible. Likewise, the accompanying stones for your solitaire can also be of a particular shape. For example, it is not uncommon to see a central cushion stone, matched with two small pears just as brilliant.

Of style: Yes but which one?

Once again, it’s all about taste. It seems risky to give your other half a very imposing and colorful ring, especially if she tends to wear discreet jewelry. However, beware of too thin jewelry. Do not forget that this jewel must cross the years in style, and a too fine jewel will become even more refined. As for the stone, if it is too small, it may appear too inconspicuous on the hands of an aging woman no need to offer Beyoncé’s wedding ring, but a 0.5 carat stone is fine generally a very good budget or longevity compromise.

Likewise, a jewel that is too marked, trendy, risks going out of fashion after a few years. Remember that you are buying this jewelry so that it is worn as long as possible. So you need to aim for an elegant ring which corresponds to the taste of your other half and which will know how to be timeless. As

Among the most popular styles, there is of course the solitaire, whether or not it is accompanied by diamonds on the body of the ring. But the daisy type models or even swirl or halo, are also guaranteed Wow effect.

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Did you say ethics?

It is not a subject that often comes to the top of the list to choose from, and yet. Whether it’s gold mining or gemstone mining, the social and environmental footprint can be salty. We therefore invite you to take a close look at this subject. Recycled gold, diamonds from the Kimberley process or even synthetic, more and more players are taking a stand on the subject. And that’s good news because yes, the wedding ring is a symbolic jewel. And it is not logical for us that its manufacture does not live up to what it represents.

What hand? Which finger?

This question may seem simple basic its answer is not obvious to everyone. Let’s not make the suspense last any longer: the right place is on the ring finger. It is in fact an Egyptian belief, and then taken up by the Greeks, which described the existence of a vein directly connecting the heart to the left ring finger. The wedding ring, like the alliance, symbols of your love, is therefore worn on the left ring finger, as close as possible to your heart.

And the size of his finger

If you want to surprise your bride-to-be with the ring, the size choice can be stressful. Do not panic. There is a little tip for you. If your friend already wears a ring on her left ring finger, steal it discreetly. Put the ring on your little finger, and then take the measurement with our ring size. If you are not sure of your fit, opt for a brand that will offer you as is the case with jewelry shop the size discount offered.

Please note: the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand, so do not take a ring worn on another finger, nor on his right hand.

What budget for an wedding ring?

This is the question that can annoy. On this point, opinions differ. For us, what matters mainly is not the amount everyone has their own budget and their conception of the importance given to their jewel but to understand the value of what you are buying. More than the price, it is therefore the quality or price ratio that counts.

What mainly determines the price is the quality and quantity of metal and stones, the quality of manufacture and the margins of the professionals? So take the time to learn, get advice, and ask questions of several professionals.

No rule therefore with regard to the budget, apart from being comfortable with it. Keep in mind that this is a long-term purchase, and that you should opt for a ring that will age well and that you will still be proud of in 20 years if you want to know what not to do, ask experts.

Where to buy your wedding ring?

In addition to having to choose everything that will make the wedding ring, you better choose the professional with whom you will make this beautiful project a reality. Quality of advice, consideration of your needs, quality or price ratio, after-sales service, is all elements to check. Indeed, jewelry stores, artisanal jewelers, and even online, you are spoiled for choice. But the experience could be very different from one to another.