Things to check while purchasing ladies watch

The right watch is appropriate to change from a plain looking outfit to a chic one within seconds. To ladies, a watch is more than a timepiece but also an artifact that is central to their wardrobe. When it comes to buying a ladies watch it’s a blend between what the watch needs to do and how it looks. Here are 5 primary factors that you should consider any time you are out in the market looking for the perfect wristwatch.  

  • Verify the watch case material

The watch case or frame is the outer cover that encases the delicate parts of the watch. Some of the most used case design materials for ladies watches include steel, leather, ceramic and precious metals including silver. Stainless steel watch cases are relatively cheap and could last long without being scratched. Leather and ceramic watch cases are much more elegant and look more luxurious. Materials such as silver are expensive and create the luxury appeal but are more expensive than other case materials.  

  • Review Water Resistance Levels

Durability suggests the ability of the watch to perform well under water elements and from perspiration. Water resistance in its lowest form ensures that a watch can handle splashes of water and other similar forms of moisture encounterment. However, you will require a higher WR for swimming, showering or any frequent hand wash. Before you buy, make a comparison of the declared water resistance levels such as 30m, 50m and so on. That way you can check whether the particular watch corresponds to your everyday and physical activity involving water conditions.

  • Ensure You Verify the Watch Crystal Material 

The watch crystal is the plastic or glass layer which overlays the watch face. There is material and it can be acrylic, mineral, sapphire, or synthetic crystals. Acrylic crystals are relatively cheap but sensitive to scratches and cracks, and may not require much strength to scratch or crack. The use of mineral crystals makes it more scratch resistant. Some of the important details that one may find in luxury watches include the use of sapphire crystals to ensure that they do not get scratched easily. Consider the cost, the level of vulnerability of the selected crystal, and the choice of the appropriate type of crystal that should be attractive but also should be strong enough.

  • Consider the size of the watch

For a ladies watch, the size should also correspond to the size of the wrist to avoid looking too large and out of place. Thin necked watches which have thin straps are more suitable for slim wrists. The larger-dialled chronograph styles require broader watch straps to support the size of the face. There is a guide to measuring the width of your wrist to know which watch face and band type is best for you. Apart from size, check features such as watch lugs, depth of the watch body, presence of links in the band and flexibility among other aspects in order to determine good ergonomic fit. It is always better to try on the watch as compared to just buying it in an online store.

  • Factor In Special Features

In addition to the function of displaying time, there are other possibilities for modern ladies watches in their functions. Some of the ingenious features are chronograph for time interval measurement, alarm, date calendars, water resistance, integrated crystals and jewels and many others. Features such as timer or stopwatch complement features you may require in the watch and the dials and numerals’ form, bracelet materials and so on complement your aesthetic inclinations enabling you to recognize a myriad of fancy ladies watches with numerous features for casual, formal, sports or outdoor purposes.  


Ladies automatic watch should not be treated as a secondary decision to your dress or heels. When selecting one, some crucial factors that should be considered include its build quality, comfort, functionality, durability and aesthetic appeal. Look for watches that are made from specific case material, crystal, band width and waterproof features, which you think best fit your personality and lifestyle. Consider additional features if necessary, depending on the intended use of the equipment.