Debunking The 4 Myths About Belly Dance And Belly Dance Lessons

Belly dance became popular in the mainstream media during the 1960s and 1970s. Besides being a dance performance, many people have it as exercise, just like Zumba today. But popularity comes with a shroud of misconceptions, and it does not spare belly dance and belly dance lessons.

Some beginner students hesitate to join a belly dance class due to a few myths and misconceptions.

Here are the common myths and misconceptions about belly dance:

MYTH #1: Belly dance is for men’s entertainment

The way the media framed belly dance on TV as a form of explicit dance aimed to entertain men. But historically, belly dance is a form of worship for femininity. Men were not allowed to watch women dance to it.

So don’t be discouraged from learning belly dance. Some even use belly dance for fitness!

MYTH #2: Belly dance is for women

Although most belly dancers are women, it does not mean that men can’t dance it. This perception comes from the image of belly dance as a sexy dance for men by women. The arm movements and hip sways are deemed to be feminine for men. But the truth is, there are already several male belly dancers, and they are great at it! You may even find a male belly dance instructor!

MYTH #3: Belly dancers should be scantily dressed

Again, because of the media’s portrayal of belly dance, many think belly dancers should wear exotic and skimpy dresses.

Traditional belly dancers wear two-piece clothing called Bedlah. It has a low neckline top and long flowing skirt, sporting a bare midriff. They also shroud themselves with a thin transparent net.

MYTH #4: Belly dancers should have belly rings

Traditional belly dancers don’t wear belly rings. But today, it is the dancer’s discretion to wear accessories, such as belly rings, jewellery, and headbands.

These accessories are not a requirement. You can wear comfortable clothing when attending belly dance lessons.

Don’t be afraid to enrol in a beginner belly dance class because of these myths.

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