Creating the Perfect Shared Work Space

For most office workers, there are two office setups. Either you’re working in a cubicle farm where people stand to look over the walls and talk to each other, creating a cut up and, to be honest, depressing work environment; or you’re working in an open floor plan that looked great in the corporate magazine but gives you no privacy and no quiet. The truth is, there is a middle way. If you find yourself in the position of updating your office space, here are a couple of items to keep in mind.

Use Glass

Traditional cube farms are depressing because they chop up space and block any natural light. By using glass room dividers Toronto, you’ll allow light to flood the room, make the space feel more open and at the same time provide sound barriers that allow for private conversations and concentrated work. Keep information private by installing screen privacy filters to compensate for the transparent nature of the space.

Install Acoustic Panels

Another way to increase productivity in an open floor workspace is to actively baffle sound. Vertical acoustic panels hang from the ceiling in waves or are attached to exterior walls. However you utilize them, acoustic panels stop sound from bouncing around inside an open office, preventing your space from sounding more like a busy restaurant than a productive work environment. 

Add Plants

Finally, add some foliage. This doesn’t mean the one fake plant covered in dust in the corner. A live plant for each desk allows workers to create a natural privacy screen. Plants also work to break up noise. More importantly, they help clean the air, increase productivity and lower stress. Plants add a beautiful touch that keeps your office from looking gray and drab.

With planning and foresight, your next office upgrade will be one that everyone looks forward to and that creates real benefits for your employees.