Choose A Perfect Painting For Your Living Room That Illustrates Your Taste and Character

The living room of our home is the central place where we socialise,interact and entertain our guests. Therefore, the ambience has to be warm, relaxing, and above all welcoming. The walls of the living room can be enhanced with some beautiful and elegant paintings, but again it cannot be just buying any kind of painting.

Choosing a perfect painting for the living room should complement our style, taste, and character along with enhancing the aesthetic appeal.

Check the exquisite artwork collection made by oil painting artist Lana Zueva from Australia. Her oil paintings are unique and offer clear richness while obtaining a wide range of shades and colour transitions. You can check her website for Lana Zueva commition paintings artist. She has participated in exhibitions and the 2021d’Arcy Doyle Art Award. She has also won an award for her Sunny Bunny artwork that was exhibited in the Gold Coast Show 2021.

Colour coordination of the living room

Select a painting that harmonizes well with the warm and welcoming colour of the living room.

  • Wall painting should blend well with the living room wall colours
  • Deep and bold coloured paintings offer an inviting and attractive appeal, but they should also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the living room
  • A living room with a neutral colour scheme can have a painting with bright and vibrant colours for a welcoming look

Defines your personality

Needless to say that the choice of the artwork displayed in your living room speaks about your style and personality. Whether you are an animal lover, a fun-loving person, a nature enthusiast, or a secretive person, everything reflects in the painting that you put up in your living room. Therefore, it is advised to choose carefully.

Making artworks in different styles is a speciality of a good painter and this is how Lana creat paintings. Each painting that she makes speaks about her complete control over the subject in different styles that can be portrayed in still-life, landscapes, animals, and florals. You can select and buy the one that suits your style. Her artwork is sold on Bluetham, Etsy, and Artlovers.

Identifying the position

Check for proper space optimization as the painting should match the size of the living room wall.

  • Decide beforehand on which wall the painting would look the best
  • Measure the size of the wall to avoid buying an oversized painting
  • Try not to cram a single wall with many paintings
  • Maintain a proper visual balance of the room by selecting the right kind of painting
  • Add new lighting spots to highlight the painting
  • If it is an oil painting, go for a broader lighting rather than an intense one
  • Use non-reflecting glass frames for optimizing the lighting reflection and glares on the painting.

When you buy Lanas art, you can be assured as her paintings illustrate a strong enthrallment in your living room lighting and atmosphere. Whether you choose a representation of realistic art or abstract art for your living room, focus on capturing the correct essence of the image artistically for the best living wall décor.