Careers for Veterans

Serving in the military is a great honor. With the size and variety of jobs between all branches of the armed forces, soldiers are taught countless skills. However, sometimes it is difficult to transition these skills to civilian life. After serving in the military, civilian jobs are an adjustment. Some industries are better than others in transitioning soldiers to everyday work life.


Teamwork is important in construction, just as it is in the military. The feeling of starting a project and seeing it through to completion is validating and attractive to veterans. If a person has experience operating equipment and machinery in the armed forces, that experience easily transitions to the construction zone. Even without prior experience, there are many forklift training Commerce CA programs available. In this industry, the more experience and knowledge a person gains, the more valuable they will be.


Professionals with medical occupation training from the military are experienced in many ways traditional students are not. They have been trained to perform under pressure with limited supplies in dangerous environments. Medical training in the military is extremely valuable in today’s healthcare industry. One obstacle of transitioning to civilian work will be in obtaining the correct credentials. Programs and licenses in the military do not equate to the medical field. However, the military has programs and funding available for those who wish to enter the medical field after leaving the military.

Information Technology

In the military, there are a variety of information technology jobs. Experience in cybersecurity is highly sought after by large profitable businesses. From data management to software programming, these jobs can be marketable in the civilian or defense industry. These jobs usually pay well and include attractive benefits. IT jobs are in high demand across the world and can offer countless opportunities.