Businesses That Flourish Do This One Simple Thing Exceptionally Well

If you own or operate almost any type of business, chances are you have lots of competitors vying for the same customers you want. Targeted advertising works wonders to attract the correct type of consumer for your unique product or service, but what about your retention rates? How do you inspire future business from your new customer after the initial sale? All successful business owners understand the importance of customer loyalty and invest in practical ways of retaining current clients. Read on to learn the one simple thing that all flourishing companies do exceptionally well.

Provide Phenomenal Customer Service

Customer service is the X-factor that is within the control of every business owner. Depending upon how it’s used (or misused, i.e., customer “no-service?”) can mean the difference between a business that flourishes or fails. Providing phenomenal customer service focused on client needs and wants has the remarkable power to turn a single sales transaction into a lifetime customer of your product or service. One of the simplest yet frequently overlooked ways to impress your customers is to upgrade your business phone system and internet for faster and more reliable connectivity. Make it easy for your valuable customers to reach you. Nothing says “unprofessional,” like an unanswered call or unopened email. Fortunately, upgrading and telecom maintenance Evansville IN is an easy fix.    

Almost everyone is familiar with the legacy airlines, hotels, and car companies’ loyalty programs. Frequent traveler incentives pay points based on the frequency of use, which equals discounted or free flights, hotel stays, and rental car rebates when converted. Loyalty programs are top-rated among travelers and are another excellent way these businesses retain their client base. 

In short, it’s far less expensive and labor-intense to retain current clients versus obtaining new ones. As you can see, flourishing businesses understand the importance of providing phenomenal customer service.