Awning: How To Have One For Your Home

Can you imagine your home without a roof? How about going outside your door without any shelter from the sun? It is not easy not to have anything above your head to protect yourself from the current weather. Relaxing outside could be an option that you need to shrug off and choose to stay inside. However, there are things that you can install to your home that could serve as additional roofing, maybe on your backyard or poolside. It is known as an awning in Singapore.


Awning serves as a cover or extended roof to homes against the weather. Whether it is a sunny day or a rainy one, it provides shelter for people who want to stay outside their house. Many people need it because of its function, and it could also be a decoration. All you need to do is find an awning supplier in Singapore and buy the right awning for your home. Consider these before you purchase one.


The style and design of the awning have an impact on the overall look of the place. You need to buy the one that suits your home, especially on its appearance. Some of the styles are the following:

  • Semi-Circular
  • Dome Style
  • Gable Walkway
  • Waterfall
  • Double Bar Standard
  • Quarter Barrel

To know which one is for you, you can look for a roofing specialist. They will help you choose which style and design are for your home and what functions best.


Your awning will encounter different weathers, so you need to choose one that has the best quality and from high-quality materials. For sunny days, look for a retractable awning in Singapore that could protect you from UV rays. The colour must not also fade in the sun. Rainy or windy days could also affect the item. It should be waterproof and does not sway with the wind.


Just like buying other things, you need to consider the price of the item. It could affect your overall budget, especially if you are on a tight one. The quality of the awning is where the price would depend. You might have an inexpensive one but think of the repairs and installation fees that you will spend.


Many establishments use an awning for their customers. You will commonly see it in cafés or other community areas, protecting people who will stay outside the building. But for homes, you can place it anywhere, and those are:

  • Deck
  • Back Door
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Garage
  • Patio
  • Garden
  • Side Windows

If you want to install it but do not know how to do it, you might need the help of a roofing specialist in Singapore.


The angle of the awning has an impact on its purpose. With the help of a roof specialist, you will know how the tilt could avoid sunlight and heavy rain. It depends on the direction where your door or window is facing. During the rain, the awning must bend down to let the water flow.


The warranty will be your tool to go after the awning supplier if something goes wrong. They could replace the item for free as long as the damage appeared within the warranty period. But after that, you could not come after them for a replacement.


You can choose different sizes of an awning, but you need to match it on the space. If it is big, it could make your place look small. It might be a good thing as a shelter, but not getting the right size could also affect its performance.


No matter what it is, there are always advantages and disadvantages. And, an awning is not an exemption. There are things that you need to think of before buying, and those are:


  • It could protect your outdoor furniture.
  • You can go outside and have an extended roof, wherever it is sunny or rainy.
  • It could stay up in any weather, making you stay outside your home. But, it has to be a high-quality awning.
  • It improves the outdoor look of your home and makes it cosy.


  • You need to think of keeping it clean to avoid damage.
  • You need a budget for installation fees.
  • Not choosing a great quality awning could affect its purpose, and it may not last with you for long.
  • Repairs could be expensive, depending on the damage to the item.

These pros and cons are only some of the things you might experience if you own an awning. To install it or know more about it, you will need the assistance of a roof specialist in Singapore.



A roofing specialist in Singapore can help you with different roofing, like a retractable awning. You can ask for their help if you have no idea about the items you need to buy. They will give tips on how you could take care of your awning and how to use it for a long time. To do that, you need to choose a reliable roofing specialist. You can do these things:

  • Check the background and legitimacy of the roof specialist and how long they have been in the business.
  • Search for the services they offer to their clients or ask for proof of their previous works.
  • Knows how to communicate with their customers and explains how to take care of the awning.
  • Look for the insurance policy they have for their workers.
  • Ask for their license and certification, and know if they are legal to operate.
  • Know their pricing and fees for their additional services. But remember that every convenience has a price.

These are only some of the things you could do when looking for a roof specialist. You need to ensure that you get a legitimate one to get the services you and your money deserve.

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